Fall crop berries

Hi All,
Years ago I planted 8 or 10 ever bearing raspberry plants. They have
a huge spring crop followed by a much smaller fall crop. It’s nice, but
only a fraction of the spring crop. So much for the hype, but a hand full
of fresh raspberries every day at this time of year is certainly a
welcome treat.


Are those first year bearing or 2 year canes? I’ve never heard of a 2 crop raspberry…

Hi Garry,
I’ve had them so long I don’t remember if they bore fruit the first year.
They do, however, bear twice a season with the fall bearing being a
little less depending on rain and temp. Great tasting berries and
worth the time and effort regardless. How many of you pick fresh
raspberries (or any berries other than cranberries) this time of the year?


I have a yelow voriety that gives fruit non stop from June to frost, still fruiting and flowering as l type. They taste great althugh l read the dark vorietys are suposed to be more nutritious.


I was thinking they bare non stop a friend of mine has the yellow ones but it has been years since I have seen them first hand.
But around there apples are the big fall crop.


Hi Kristijan,
Would you happen to recall what the variety is.
Sounds like something I would like to grow. Pepe

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Hey Garry, They are “Heritage Raspberry”, Rubus ideaus.
The advertising claim was two crops a year. Yes, that is
why my canes are fruiting now. The claim was good! It’s really
interesting to watch the whole cycle and have some kind of
fresh berries in the fall other than wild cranberries. I used
to pick those with my Dad and Uncle, when I was a kid in
Tupper Lake.
I’ll post some pictures tomorrow if the rain stops for a few!!!


I, on the other hand, never heard of anything but fall crop. We pick raspberries from late July until first frost in September. We have some in the garden but pick most wild. They are pretty invasive around fields and on clearcut areas in the woods. Freezers are packed. We make juice/syrup and queen jam (raspberries mixed with blueberries) all year around.


Hi All,
Here’s a few more pics of my little patch.