Farmall A

OK, Ok… this should be the last one for a bit… already too much work as is… but dang I like this little tractor

Nice Arvid!
About 18hp?
I may have to go tractor shopping up your way. You seem to have some gems up there.

as per tractor data… 16 drawbar, 18 belt… I must say I do really like this little machine… I have some ideas on how I’m gonna convert it… is your friend.

I agree Steve… I go there alot… you can search brands by power etc… very good site.

Look at you go without a helmet!
Looks good!

I can see me setting on Granddad’s lap steering that tractor. Brings back good memories. The kind they would put you in jail for today. Child endangerment

We had a Farmall B with a wire to the govenor and it would do about 35 with a set of cultivators. The road we were on was the main road between Detroit and Chicago back in the day. Often we would be hauling A-- down the road and the carl haulers would come up on us. They loved it— honked and waved as they went past TomC

My first engine run on wood gas was a Farmall A
Still smiling.
Now considering a B because of the extra room on the left side.

Hand cranking the A to get it goin

to be fair… it did start easier before I washed it… so I must have gotten the mag a little wet…