Featured Project - Gary Langworthy's 1995 Dakota

After a long break, we’re reinstating the monthly Featured Projects by popular request. This month we’re featuring Gary Langworthy, fastest gasifier builder in the west… or the east…

[Premium members can view the full build thread here: http://driveonwood.com/forum/1387]

Gary’s first post, January 15th :

“Hi all…I just want to tell you guys how I ended up getting interested in my new project. Thanks to Wayne, in just over a week I have purchased a 1995 Dakota with the 5.2 (318). Needs transmission work, wont shift into overdrive but hey, what would Wayne do… fix it. Started going over my scrap piles with new enthusiasm, amazing what meant nothing to you a few weeks ago now seems like exploring a new gold mine full of new treasures. I have a Caterpillar loader and 50 acres of timber. I have a large creek running through my property and there is always nice timber being washed up along the banks after a good flood. I scored 3 real nice walnut trees last month along the bank that had washed out and fell in the creek. Old habits are hard to break. I just hate seeing good timber go to waste. I was getting ready to build me a band mill when I ran across Waynes mill on Youtube. Smoothest running mill I have seen. Some how I ended up seeing his woodgas video and I was fascinated with his ability to make you feel like he is someone I just gotta meet someday. I immediately went to DOW web site and ordered the most informational set of videos and book full of knowledge I have ever experienced in my 57 years…”

Four months later (post-Argos):

“Hi all…made it home around 10:00 PM on [May] 19th… We stopped off at Joplin, MO at my Mom and Dads place to swap the trailer that they pulled for me back over to my truck. Hung around there for a while… We traveled a total of 1,680 miles and used …are you ready…drum roll…a grand total of 13 gallons of gas. SWEM… My grandson had a blast also, I’m sure he will remember it for the rest of his life. I think Mike Larosa was his favorite guy to talk to, he was imitating the classic Larosa laugh most of the way home…LOL We all had a good time and also would like to thank everyone who made it possible. The food was fantastic as well as everything else. Special thanks to Ron and family for providing the wood and all that they did to make it possible for us to have a fun nice place to get together. Hope to make it back next year. I wish there was more time to talk and meet everyone better. I really wanted to talk to Wes and ask some questions about his build and get to know him, but just never seemed to get hooked up with him. Maybe next time Wes K. Really was fond of Carl Zinn, he is so fun to talk to and full of good info for us new guys so thanks Carl. Special thanks to Wayne and Chris for making it possible for someone like me to be able to produce a working unit which now has 1,725 miles on it with no problems to speak of.”

Gary, if you would update us on your truck since Argos that’d be wonderful. Great job on this project!

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An amazing build/builder with an abundance of confidence to make the 700 mile trek the next day. My hat’s off to you Gary!


Bump. Any word from our Featured builder?

Hi Chris…I’m still here just been to busy to spend much time on the computer. We had a bad fire here at the refinery last night that burned 4 of my co-workers pretty bad and the refinery is shut down for repairs. I volunteered for night shift working 12 hour shifts for possibly a few weeks. I am honored that our Dakota is being the featured truck this month. I will get back with some updates and maybe some start up video from a cold start leaving for work. Chris…is there a way to make videos private for members only? I was going to take a video for Carl Z. on how my hopper detaches from the spacer but didn’t want to show to much on public viewing. Thanks again for featuring my truck.


I can’t seem to find my build thread. Could you help me out?


Found it…

I bump back up so people can take a look at his build.


Hello Robert, just dropped in to say Hi. Truck is still running, but was going to remove pipe going into heat exchanger and it is being troublesome. going to have to cut it out. No big deal, was disassembling the gasifier to go through the entire unit. I now have a sawmill so need to get the truck running to have something to do with scrap besides fire wood. Plus the way things are developing we may need our wood trucks more than ever.