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Check out Carl Zinn's wood powered Dodge Dakota, complete with a Keith gasifier! "I moved up to a 7" restriction today, and it made a noticeable difference. Dug everything out, used a shop vac to reach the bottom. After about 30 minutes of forward and reverse blowing, it started up and drove. What fun! HWWT" Read more about Carl's truck. --- This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry here: http://www.driveonwood.com/featured/zinn/

I nominate Carl Zinn’s 95 Dakota project. Carl not only understands the complexities of wood gas construction and operation but is so willing and able to share his knowledge with us. Next to Wayne and Chris, he is our go to man with questions.

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Chris, what did I do wrong? this is not in the right place. Help!

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Don, you’ve found the comments on the home site. They are powered by Discourse and show up as Discourse threads. Haven’t really worked out the bugs on this area yet.

I havent quite learned the new dow yet either, Its working kinda like switching from windows 98 to vista or xp, long as its working,Thanks