Fema style cant get a flare

OSU for a couple of terms, didnt make the team and then Oregon Technical Institute in Klamath Falls for 3 years. I was not at risk to go to the Olympics!

If you find yourself near Kent, WA i would be pleased to show my system and give you a ride
I have found that this DOW stuff is fun and very educational.


ok michael thanks for the invite ,your about 5 hours drive for me next time im headed that way ill look you up . my son was looking at osu for wrestling but ended up at bsu . he was their top recruit of 2015 but got a career ending concussion a week before the season started so hes done . so sad .

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Hey Doug, I live in East Wenatchee not to far out of the way if you are heading to Kent. I would love to also show you my truck and set up, if you want to make it a Gasifier Road Trip.

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id love it thanks for the invite

hi dave when i first read your post i thought you were currently running a g3 but after re reading it sounds like your doing something else .what is a charcoal gasifier ? is just any gasifier that runs on charcoal or is it a specific style ? i guess im looking for a starting point to build again and havnt had any luck with the fema . i spent a lot of money at a weld shop geting my fema done and the idea of ripping it apart is tough but im determined to get a gasifier built .just not sure where to start at this point . im also considering buying a cheap 110 welder at harbor frieght . is that a good idea or bad ? the only welding experience i have is 2 weeks in shop class in high school

I bought my first 220v MIG welder from HF and it failed before I finished the fins on the burner. Then i found that no parts or service is available
I have read many similar stories
You really need a MIIG welder and 0.023" wire to weld the thin metal of 55 gallon barrels and thin tubing
But i strongly suggest a lincoln or miller unit
They cost a lot more but they keep working and you can buy spares


The best $ you could spend is to buy the WK book and then study the forum using the search function
It is an unbelievable resource of real world success and failures for wood gasification
Almost all of us on this site have had disappointing failures with FEMA and Mother Earth News types. I still have a 1965 GMC 1 ton truck parked in a briar patch with my first attempts although I did get about 1000 miles before giving up after the 3rd round of stuck valves and bent push rods

Search for “simple fire” for a charcoal gasifier. I have not built one yet but it is a 1 day project for under $20 that is a sure sucess if you have good charcoal of the right size.


Hi Doug ,
Yes I started off the very same way as you , not a welder or fabricator , and without a workshop or shed at home where i could tinker and play , luckily a friend allowed me the use of his workshop and i muddled along there for a while building different types of wood gasifiers , just for stationary engines , with the dream one day of driving on wood .
Then i came across Gary Gilmores “simple fire” video’s on YouTube and the rest as they say is history , i have never looked back and once you work out how to stop the nozzles melting its all pretty much the easiest way of dipping your toe’s into woodgas with very little welding needed , and if you use galvanised or black iron water pipe fittings you can bolt it together like i did on my first build for less than $10

Good luck with whatever system you decide to go with and look forward to reading on your progress .