Fire pot for melting aluminum


Here are a few pictures of a propane fired burner I built to melt aluminum alloy Pistons , hydraulic pump bodies etc.
The burner I built is similar in construction to a tiger torch. I use a 20 pound propane bottle without a pressure regulator , just a small valve in the line.
As you can see the pot is made from standard pipe, so is the bottom of it.
The outside shield is standard steel pipe also.
I start by adding aluminum shavings to get a layer of melted aluminum in the pot and then add the Pistons.
Any steel that is in the Pistons will stay in the bottom of the pot and the ash can be skimmed of the top before pouring it into the pipe mould.
I have a long handle on the pot to lift the pot from the burner& pour the aluminum into the pipe moulds, that are sitting on 3/4 to 1 inch thick steel to absorb the heat.
Caution do not stand the pipes on concrete.
The aluminum shafting will be easily be removed from the pipe mould when cooled.providing there was no large burrs on the inside of the pipe.
I takes a lot of heat , be careful and do it outside.


I like it! could you show more detail on your burner assembly?


Thanks for posting pictures, always been interested in doing casting but never have! Very cool and rewarding to “make” your own parts!!!
Good to bring up to not do it on concrete!! Also to those that haven’t learned yet don’t ever cut with torch on concrete, concrete does not take much heat before the top quarter inch pops off and maybe in your face, the fun is over at that point!!! Again thanks for pics and info Calvin!!!

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