First attempt at storing heat with limestone / quicklime

Well my shipment of quick lime came in. The first time I added water I added too much and I did not get any heat out of the quick lime.

Next time I added a small amount of water a few drops and I got temps from 90 - 210 degrees from the quicklime powder.

I then tried to take the slate lime and convert it back to quicklime using temps of 400 - 700 deg F. This did not work for me :frowning:

Next sunny day I hope to use my kin and take the temp up to 1200 deg and see if that creates quicklime for me …


It won’t work, it needs to go back to limestone first which means adding CO2. Then the converted back to quicklime. Lime is calcinated at about 900 °C (1,650 °F) to produce quicklime.


Thanks for the input… I did consider that it needed c02, thus I put the mixture in the chimney over my solo stove, I thought the exhaust gas might give the slate lime the co2 it needed to move back to limestone.

So… I do believe I wil go to the higher temp… may not work…

I will also try to source some limestone to see if I can make my own qucklime that way…


It appears that for the slate lime to move to limestone it needs water and co2.