First for real use of my gasifier

big storm took out all the power they say maybe 10 days
So my home made gasifier/genset is really getting a work out
makes me wish i had waynes design built mine was pulling to hard so i opened up the choke a little but i can’t move it up or down from the nozzles also gotta get a chunker made a working gasifier is a hungry beast. LOL

Hey ThomasMc
I am truely sorry to hear you are one of the ~3 million without back East.
Whole bunch of fellows in Colorado and now Montana now reporting wildfire grid outages and having to gen-set back up run now too. Federal Hydro’s only as good as the long distance power lines. Shame is in wildfires you are losing your a lot of your woodfuel too. Windstorms and hurricanes the woodfuel is being brought down to the ground level for you. Lomonaid from lemons kinda humor thing.
This makes all your work for home generation very real doesn’t?

I’ll send you some PM info links and maybe you would consider spreading some “My own fueled power cheer” to the fellows and gals now daily burning through gallons and gallons of gasoline, propane, diesel and vegi-oil to keep their pumps and refrigeration working.

Steve Unruh

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