First Gasifier - First Flare

So today I decided to get off my butt and actually get around to making some woodgas(or in this case, charcoal gas). Up until this point, I had been just collecting materials and thinking about what I was going to do. I finally just went for it and threw something together. I wanted to try a charcoal gasifier first since that would be the simplest for me at this point.

I used a 155mm Howitzer ammo tube for the gasifier body, 1 inch pipe for inlet and outlet, and some furnace cement to seal up the gaps. I like the ammo tube because it has a great locking lid. Of course, as I continue this, I will work to make some good charcoal and size it correctly. The charcoal I used was made by me using various scraps from around the yard. It consists of locust and cottonwood. I want to score some scrap lumber or hardwood flooring to make the next batch.

Here’s the video:

It always feels good getting the first flare. Good job Bryan.

now comes the fun, get that bad boy fastened to your mower and put it to work. Nice use of the canister. My buddy has hundreds of them, I was planning on grabing some to cut down and weld on to larger tanks just for the lids. glad to see they work, Since I built my simple fire I look forward to mowing, In the past I let my lawn go but now I have the best manicured lawn in the neighborhood. Next to get set up to process the charcoal efficiently.

Yeah, I am planning to eventually take the ammo tube, cut the bottom off, and weld the tube to a 20lb propane tank. I’ll put the air inlet in the propane tank so the reaction will then take place in the propane tank and the ammo tube lid will provide easy refueling capabilities.


Bryan ,

Thanks for the video ,

I also have a couple of those canisters I plan to use soon . The military ammo canisters have some good seals and locking devises

Hey Wayne, a few weeks ago I water tested the bottom end of the gasifier with your ammo cans, and with for my fixable holes, eventually everything is bone dry on the outside. Thanks.