First ICE run and successful genny run

Wanted to let everyone know that my first Ice run was successful and the genny hooked to it was successful also.Forgot to open gas valve one time(duh)and the proper run positions for my valves was not where i thought it woud be.After a few tries and 10-15 minutes i got it going.Boy, did it ever run smooth.I would like to think that my stainless steel cyclone mixer had something to do with how smooth it ran.Loaded to 5,100 watts with room to spare,sure i could get 8,000-9,000 watts.Video is appx. 53 mins. long if you care to watch all or part.On youtube… video starting with SUCCESS.

Congrats on you run!

Yes congradulations DannyC
I been highlighting your work over in a DYI small engine section on the MicroCoGen Forum.

Welcome here WesK
Most of us call each other simply woodgasers.
Others call us dreamers, pie in the sky, and other things better and worse.
Ha! Ha! Remenber most said Noah was crazy too.

Steve Unruh

Congradulations! Watched your video, Bet you are pretty happy, I know I would be…Smile Great Job!


Wow Danny that is a pretty gassifier. In fact that is to stationary gassification what Dutch John has built for mobile use…a work of art. Did you build that or buy it? What size generator is that? I assume it is a natural gas genset and that you are not running a converted diesel unit correct? Nice job!

Sweet. Something about stainless that turns my crank. Were those corrugated copper lines feeding preheated air to your nozzles? If so, shouldn’t they be insulated to prevent heat loss? Or do we just use air coming in to only cool produced gas leaving? What size is that genny? Congrats.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for posting!! Nice setup.

And yes it is hard to operate without smiling.

SWEW (smile with every watt)

good job Dan…

Thanks Wes

Thanks Steve,hope you will somehow be able to see it. Dan

Thank you Neil.Happy happy happy!

Thanks John:at least it did not turn out to be a large paperweight.Yes,i built it during the last year and it was propane.It is rated 20kw on 3 phase and 13kw on single phase. Dan

Hey Wayne: Your welcome on the post and thanks for providing a place to post it.Someones going to have to slap this smile off my face:-)

Looks and sounds great Dan. I like my truck, but want to be able to hook it to a genset too. Is that an Onan 1800rpm?

Thanks Arvid: I am thrilled it ran so well.Thanks for your imput during the build.Speedloader worked great also.

Thanks Carl, Yes its an Onan genny with 4cyl. Ford engine.13,000 watts on single phase.It is made in 1988 and purchased it used a few months ago for $1500.00.Also,yes on 1800 r.p.m. Had genny shop that i got it from hook it up for single phase and run it for me prior to sale.Very pleased. Dan

Hi Jim: Genny is a 1988 Onan 20 rated at 20kw three phase or 13kw single phase.The lines you see are add on air inlets that help my 1 1/4" inlet feed an inner preheat air chamber that feeds the nozzles.The nozzles are only fed preheated air.The lines are aluminum covered with high temp. silicone which actually makes a fair insulation.Thanks for the compliments and all my videos on youtube try to detail what i’ve done if you care to check them out.