First woodgas vehicle

I am new to wood gas and am wondering what would be the best vehicle to use or if it is a huge deal.

I currently own a 98’ dodge 1500 4x4 with a 5.9L engine. I think it would make a great candidate, it is beat up a bit and seems to fit the mold. I would like to be successful though and will have a lot of people laughing if it doesn’t work well.

If a dakota would be quite a bit better I am considering searching the adds for a good one.


Good morning Levi .

Your truck should be a good one to gasifiy . The only criticism of the truck ( if it is the same as the 94 ,96 ) is it is hard to get to the distributor to attach a cable so the ignition timing can be advanced .

The truck should do good at driving 50-60 mph and being 4x4 should make a good work truck .

If little work is involved and a lot of open road driving the dakotas are hard to beat. They seem to work well at speeds 60 -70 mph.

I will be using my Ram today hauling cattle .


Thanks Wayne. I will plan on using my truck for now, 50-60 mph is good for me and the 4x4 is going to be good with the low range.

I have seen some of your cattle and hay moving videos, it is impressive how much weight you can haul with the V10. I don’t plan hauling more than a small work or camper trailer which a 5.9 V8 seams big enough.

I have automatic hubs on my truck, would it be good to somehow disconnect them so that i can have low range while on pavement? I do wish to keep the 4x4 capability so maybe I need to look into manual hubs if low range is needed on the highway.


Hello Levi .

I think I would leave the hubs as they are.

With many many miles on a couple of 4x4 Rams I have never used low range on the pavement even pulling heavy trailers. It is so easy just to add in a little gasoline and stay in high range .


Okay good to know, I am getting more and more excited the more I find out about doing this.

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Hello Levi .

This is
dodge Ram with 318 .


Just joined. Have Ben’s book & was planning to build my first using his plans (as a Proof of Concept). Would also like to adapt it to a truck. Currently have a 2000 Tahoe (SUV), but I like what others here have done with the Dakota (being more open). What year Dakotas are preferred? 95 only or are other years acceptable? There’s 94 near me with a v8 & a 95 with a v6 - which would be better?


Hi piranha, welcome , I would go with the 94 V-8 more horsepower. You will lose 25% when running on wood over gasoline.


Many thanks Bob!
Looking forward to formally joining the group here - to learn & add some value where I can :slight_smile:


Hello phrang and welcome .

On the dakota v-6 the ignition timing can not be advanced where as it can be on the v-8.