Flare at 1/2 pound per min

Link to my MEN flaring at !/2 pound of wood per min. The wood is Aspen dried to 6%

Hi Dave, Nice flare you have going there. I would be interested in a walk around and ID of the components. Is your cyclone straight walled and how’s it working out for you? It seems your fan is doing well also. It appears to be a squirrel cage type. You also answered one of my questions about using poplar (aspen) as a wood source. Good job all the way around. BBB.

Hi Dave, I did some more reading and found your drawings of preheat for cyclone.
and others. Pepe

Pepe The cyclone works good, it drops the gas temp about 200 degrees F. My fan is a industrial shop vac. that
I modified, it has a speed control and is running at half speed in the video. The outside temp was 90 F when I did the video and the gas from the fan was 108 F. The liquid cooled heat exchanger has nine 1 1/4" X 38" tubes inside
the 6" jacket.

Great easy to load video DaveB.
Your blower is commercial quiet and smooth, and obviously very effective.
I admire a lot of your construction details like the sweep pipe corners. Shows thought and willingness/skill as a welder.
Your two pass filter assembly lid appears to be an agricultural disc? I think your latch system for this is simple great.
On the two liquid to gas cooler systems I’ve seen there was a lot of carbon/soot dropping out there. Are you seeing this also? Or at the cyclone with the quick temperature drop you are achieving?

Oh and on your YouTube engine running question - something I learned late from I think Max Gasman was to flint striker light the gas. I have since verified time and time again if it will flint spark light to flare it WILL always run an IC engine. This is now saving me a lot of time and head scratching engine cranking. Too often produced gas that will open flame light to flare will not.

Best Regards
Steve Unruh

Steve thanks for the flowers
I get a little water at the cyclone at start up, below 300F, then none. At the liquid cooler I get about 3 oz of light brown water per 25 lbs of wood I have not seen any soot at this point. I will pull the inspection cap and check the cooling tubes for soot. My lids are made from the ends of a water heater tank. Unbroken ag disks are a hard find around here. I’ll try the flint on my next burn.


David, you have some neat build ideas! I especially like your radiator and cooling tower idea. Do you use just water or an antifreeze mix for better cooling? Is it an open system with no radiator cap that thermo siphons without a pump or fan? What gas temperature drop does it achieve? It sure has a small footprint. Nice job!
Don M

P.S. does water or gas go thru the 1 1/4 inch pipes?

Don Thanks

Just using water at this point, yes open system, no cap no pump. 200 F + without fan 165 F with fan. The gas goes through the nine tubes.water in the six inch jacket.


Hi Dave, Thanks for posting the pictorial walk around, very compact and interesting. Seeing your foot print, especially the width, I am confident I can fit my components on my small trailer- 40"X72". How wide and long is your cyclone? Mine is 8" diam by 4" long with a 13" cone for a total length of 17". If I build a new one to the spec sheet posted here it will be about 30" or so long. Mine collects a lot of particulate matter but I do get a little soot further downstream but so far my filtering medium seems to stay very clean. I have an “S” shaped cooler of 1 1/4" copper with fins (sort of) that I am fitting with 4" stove pipe over for preheat to feed my cyclone preheat chamber which is fed to a single port air inlet manifold (still in the works). Can’t wait to try it all out. Oh, I’m also working on a new larger fan(11" D) with a 12 volt Scout generator for a motor ( should be easy to speed control the DC motor). Looking for your torch handle? It’s on the barrel in the foreground.lol

Pepe My inlet and outlet tubes are 3.25" these keep the velocity down in my system.The cyclone is 12" X 12",
the drop tube is 3.25" X 12", the cone is 14" long

Ran my gasifier again today. Tried the flint striker to light the flare,that works great. I also hooked the wood gas line to a old 305 cid chev small block engine and ran 20 pounds of wood through it. This gets to be more fun all the time.

DAVE THANKS!! thats exactly what i was talking about to matt! i love how much space that cooler saves and it uses convection for flow! genius! i still think an electric pump and fans would be my redundant measures, what kind of innards are in that gasifier? anything comparable to the v 10 innards? (thats what im building mine like) what do you have going on in the heat exchanger/water cooler? fins? straight pipe through? you said 9 1 1/4" tubes in a 6" jacket? this is how im going to build the cooler on my bronco! and some extra measurements/pics would really help me out :slight_smile:

here is a drawing of my cooler. With your 460 cid you will need more or longer tubes. I have no trouble cooling the gas for my 305 cid but your 460 will need more gas.

thank you!!! saved the image and ill post some pics when i get it built!