Food for Indiana 2014

What food are we eating, what can we bring, can we help the fine ladies putting this together… Please discuss below.

Also, any creative gasifier cooking / woodgas food ideas are welcome, on this thread.

BBQ sounds real good on one of the meals. Any chance we can get that pig roast from the same place as last year?

Bump… any interesting ideas guys?

Hi Chris, Yes we can get another roasted hog if you like the idea.

I’ll bring a couple of pounds of dry black eyed peas and boil some of them up on Friday to fry up later in butter over the weekend. I have to find some grits as well and boil as needed. They don’t sell many of them here and I’ve used up the ones Wayne sent me … Grits and fried black eyed peas … I’m sure I can share them with someone. I have a small hot plate I can plug in on one of the circuits or set my pot in one of the hoppers :o) … M


I’m coming up from Tenn. We seem to have plenty of grits (and GRITS). How many pounds you want ? I’ll bring em’ and anything you want to go with em !
Just let me know…

Julie Drost put together a spreadsheet for us, with some food needs. I’ve made it editable online, so if you want to volunteer to bring stuff, just write in your name. We may contact you.

Mike L.

so, how many pounds of grits ya want me to bring?

Bump… I’ve added the food pledged on the signup sheet to the food sheet. Looks like most of it’s covered, but we are a hungry bunch… feel free to put yourself down for something if you haven’t yet.

We gonna eat good!!

Couldn’t fighter out how to input to the sheet from my phone . Put me down for lemonade mix and whatever else I can think of

Carson, Sorry to be so long on responding. I plan to get a bunch of Habanero Jack cheese when I go through Mineral Point. Wayne is very fond of that :o) … I will get black eyed peas here … They only sell Quaker instant grits around here. I will get some of them anyway. I might be able to do better along the way. I just like to eat simple stuff most times. I eat plenty of meat but only eat one kind of thing at a time. I figure to make a pot of black eyed peas and just put them in the fridge. People can fry or add them as needed. I’m sure if there is a pot of grits around, there will be a few takers as well. There is usually butter. If not I’ll go to town and buy some. I don’t eat majarine or do I even know how to spell it :o) … Mike

My father and I will be bringing my mothers pineapple upsidedown cake again. Third time!