Food for Indiana

OK, you gotta eat. What are ya bringin and what do you want to eat when you get there, is someone bringing a grill or is one already there, we can buy paper goods if needed, etc. Assume there’s picnic tables?

Ideas for food: can be the usual cookout fare (hotdogs, burgers), cold stuff like deli meats, sandwiches etc or other special stuff you might want to bring to share. Be creative!

Beverages are welcome, “no alcoholic drinks”. Someone bring waterbottles or we can buy some.

Also remember that we have an abundance of heating appliances, if someone wants to barbeque on a wood gasifier.

Thanks Julie Drost for bringing this up!


I think Wayne’s hoppers are too cool to cook on anymore but back in the day they did burgers just fine … ML

I’m bringing German potato salad. Goes nicely with the weiners and burgers.

Chris and Julie, Thanks for trying to organize the food. Ronda thought it would be up to her to do it all. I was hoping not! David Orrell contacted us on this subject and we appreciate the help. There are tables there. For your Info.,In the contract, It stated no acoholic beverages.
On Friday night we were thinking Ham, Turkey, Cheese sandwiches,& things to go with that. Saturday noon: I was going to make a big pot of sloppy jo. Salads and maybe a pie or three or four to go around. We will get the paper products and will have water, coffee, tea, and lemonade for the weekend. Anyone is welcome to bring anything they want. We are going to ask the guy in charge of the fair grounds this week if we can bring a fire ring for a campfire. We can bring our gas grill also for anyone wanting to bring weiners and burgers or for those who enjoy steak, maybe Wayne can bring a cow! :slight_smile: If you have any questions or anything to add. Let us know.
Thanks, Ron L

OK, thanks Ron. Updated the post with no alcoholic drinks. Far as I’m concerned this means don’t ask/don’t tell. Keep it to yourself and don’t get caught. Official policy is “not allowed”.

Please contact me for the food items that are currently needed in the dessert area etc… or I can contribute cash as well. Thank you.

Hi Jeff,

Bring whatever, I don’t think you can have too much dessert!

I’ll bring a baked ham, sliced for sandwiches and a home made cake.

Lou, thanks for bringing the ham and cake. We were wondering when you are coming? Are you coming Friday or Saturday? I was just trying to figure out when to serve what. I was planning on lunch meat sandwiches on Friday and I am making sloppy jo on Saturday. I figure to potluck everything together at meal times.
Thanks again, Ronda L.

I’m getting there Friday afternoon, Wayne said he’ll be at the Super 8 hotel in Plymouth on Thursday afternoon.

See y’all then!

I will bring my ice cream maker but it is only 4 quart so if anybody wants to bring theres we would have more ready at one time. Nothing like homemade ice cream, I will buy the milk and other stuff when I get there.

Ronda, I’ll make it early to mid afternoon on Friday. The ham and cake are done and chillin’ till I can head out tomorrow.
See ya’ll then.