"Food" for thought

Using the analysis reports in the back of the book, some nutritional info, and a conversion app on my phone, I have decided to do some food to wood conversions on a Calories-to-BTU basis. Wood = 7,754 BTU/Lb

A 9 oz tube of beef summer sausage has 900 calories or 3,571 BTU (6,348 BTU/Lb) = 0.46 Lbs or 7.36 oz of wood.

A 48 oz (3 lb) jar of Skippy peanut butter has 7980 calories or 31,667 BTU (10,555 BTU/Lb) = 4.08 Lbs or 65oz of wood.

A McDonalds “Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese” is 10oz, has 750 Calories or 2,976 BTU (4,768 BTU/Lb) = 0.38 Lbs or 6.14 oz of wood.

I might add more later.

Maybe we should all start eating wood and make turd charcoal for the gasifier.