For all us old guys with bad knees

I ran across this tailgate ladder that might come in handy for us old guys so we don’t have to jump up in the back of the box each time.
The video shows how it folds out of the way.

I dunno Don. The steps are pretty narrow and would be slick if wet - with no handrail.

I have seen fixed steps that mount in the hitch receiver. Google “towing hitch steps” and check out the images, several models to choose from.

Also, there are powered steps available for RV’s that fold down for use and up when you’re driving. Do a google search for “Power RV Steps” there are slide out and scissor type designs readily available.

Just some additional options…

Don; & group; It may not be the best system out there but everyone should think about it. I broke my hip working on my wood truck. Stepping up and down on a 5 gal plastic pail that wasn’t where I thought it was when I stepped off backwards. TomC

Ouch … I can relate … Been laid up some since last July. I woke up one day and couldn’t lift my feet off the floor. I could shuffle around. Took a month before I could start to cross my legs … I have 2 worthless calf muscles on both legs as well as the muscles above in my thighs. My body is building 2 new muscles on each side of them. I just worry about the clots and deteriorating meat from them going through my kidneys, heart, brain, liver, and lungs. I am climbing fairly well now. I cleaned the chimney last week. I took the tailgate off my black truck in the fall and installed an engine picker so I can now lift heavy objects into the bed. I step on the trailer ball and then the bumper as steps. The two legs of the hoist are great handles to get into the bed. My trailer gasifier has always had steps to get in. I re-inforced the fenders over the small tires so that a 170 pound guy can climb up on them and then made another step so dumping in the hopper is not a real problem. Without the extra rods those stupid fenders would just shake and break off anyway and many people know. Now if I only had a lower back to work with but you all know how it goes … Still at it. Tom, I never ever use a pail. I learned watching others on that one. I still use kitchen chairs even though I have fad a few split or crack … Mike

That made for a bad day Tom. Sorry to hear that. I had my fall climbing out and missed the bumper. Straight to the ground, but no breaks.

Looks good to me Don and you can’t beat the price. Folds up very nicely too. Looks like you can hold onto the side of the bed for balance and also put some no skid tape on it if it doesn’t come with it. I say go for it and don’t risk falling. Dan

i will be working on a swing up and lock “like a trailer jack” step system for the front hitch on my toy truck to work on the engine . i"ll post some picks when i start on it

Wow toy truck,
That wont fit under most bridges.
I’m thinking fold up scaffolding to work on the engine, and maybe a safety harness too :slight_smile:
If this truck had a gasifier just think of the hopper it could have. perhaps 500 mi on one fill.
gotta love it

yes it is dangerous getting in it has steps but most of the time i use a 6’ ladder. working on the engine out in the swamps when everything is covered in mud is not a good idea without safe steps. in the heat of the summer i take the hood off now you know what i’m doing in my photo :slight_smile: