FOR SALE: 95 Woodgas V8 Dakota 94k miles

Hi everyone,

Looking to sell my '95 Dakota thats been converted over to run on woodgas. The gasifier was created with a very similar design to that shown in Wayne’s videos, with a few changes based on my personal preference. These include, digital thermocouples, digital vacuum gauges, above bed clean-out port, large hopper, over-sized cooling rails, quick drain condensate tank (ideal for winter), controls integrated in the center console, and back up camera capability. You can find the beginning stages of this construction at this link:
The last time the truck was run, it did well on semi-flat terrain, but struggled on the steep hills surrounding my home. I believe this is due to a lack of timing calibration, however, out of state school and work have prevented me from fine tuning this last detail.

Truck details:
Automatic Transmission
automatic windows & locks
upgraded stereo
94000 miles
undercoated to protect from corrosion

Asking $9000
Contact: Jarrod 724-968-8284 or Dave 724-968-7556

PS: Photos and videos to follow

Hi Tom Donaldson here been on drive on wood couple yrs now my build stopped due to health issues I am disabled looking to buy wood gas truck I could try to work with have truck started my build but can not finish in my condition!! My health will not let me build no more. Is there any room on the price I understand if not . I can not afford that much.
Thanks TOM

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Hi Tom,

The price isn’t rock solid, but the truck is easily worth the amount listed. If you would like to schedule a time to come take a look at it, I’m sure you would agree. We can also discuss price at that meeting. I’m located in North Western Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half north west of Pittsburgh. Feel free to contact me at 7249688284

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Hi Everyone,
Looking to move this truck and get it to someone who will use it. We have adjusted the price to $6000. Recent photos attached.

The truck has been run at multiple car shows and alternative energy conventions across western Pennsylvania. It starts up and runs on wood consistently.

Full disclosure, The truck is not quite at perfect performance and will require some additional tweaking and maintenance, However, it is about 95% there.

For more information please contact my father and co-owner at 7249687556 or [email protected]

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