For Sale: Firetubes, $30 each

Hey everybody.
I’ve got three 12" outside diameter, 1/4" wall (or real close by a tape measure), 32"-33" long steel pipe cutoffs.

Pickup will be in or real near Lebanon, TN.

Not real interested in shipping but might think about it if somebody is real desperate, Can’t imagine shipping would be reasonable though.

Best to send me a message and I think it will email me. I haven’t had much time to check here lately.


That’ a good deal Marvin, each one would make a fire tube, and a chunker cutter.

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Interested. I’m in Gallatin : ) Brit

Yep, didn’t need them but couldn’t stand leaving them laying there. I drove all the way to Knoxville to get my first one because I couldn’t find one local.


Can you get to Lebanon one day after 6PM or so? I head home the opposite direction from you but can hang around for a while to meet you.

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Hi Marvin!
Yes, I could do that. This week is pretty busy, as I am covering for a colleague of mine. Could we do this next week?

No problem. Give me a call sometime after work and we’ll sort things out. I don’t have computer access during the day. You just wanting one?

Thanks for the edit Chris.

i am looking for a fire tube. shipping will be mandatory due to my location.

I sent you a message.