For Sale - Steve Smith's V10 Project

1995 Dodge V10 1-Ton 4 X 4 single cab dually flatbed 5 speed 71,000 miles
wood gasser package

My bad back is your gain. I’m selling a truck and several components I’ve collected to build it into a wood gas unit because I just can’t physically finish it. The truck was always farm use, and the miles are really 71,000. We drive the truck occasionally (1 -2 times weekly) and it runs / drives great. Tires have about 2000 miles on them, truck has a new clutch, and as the radiators have plastic end bells that eventually leak we put a brand new radiator in it last year. We caught the leak early, it hasn’t been overheated. The flatbed has a gooseneck hitch and a removable 5th wheel hitch. The dash is the usual cracked plastic. 4WD works great, transmission shifts smoothly and is not at all noisy, the cruise control works, the AC is cold, and the oil change is fresh. I got a flatbed so I wouldn’t have to cut up a truck bed to install the gasification unit. It will be easy to weld on the heat exchanger pipe rails, there is plenty of open space for the drums, and if you miss-cut a hole you can just weld the diamond plate back in and try again - it’s not like you’ve got a big ugly spot with the paint burnt off.

Items you get with this vehicle:
*12" X 22"fire tube sized per Wayne’s specifications for the Dodge V-10 - this tube has 70% of the fins welded on, 8 air feed holes are cut and capped with angle iron, and the 8 heat sinks are welded in.
*The heat sinks are 3/4" grade 8 bolts with the heads cut off.
*Enough 1/4" wall 12" pipe to make 2 more fire tubes
*Quantity 4 - 55 gallon drums with lids and clamping / locking lid bands
*Quantity 2 - tall gas hot water heaters
*Quantity 2 - steel ammo cans

This truck is located in Bentonville, AR
Steve Smith
479-903-24 seven three

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Sorry to hear you’ve got to sell… someone’s getting a great deal.

Got any photos?

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I do, how would you like to receive them?

You can just post them here on the forum. Drag and drop, or click the upload arrow in the editor toolbar.

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Firetube photos are here:


Nice truck !!

At 71000 miles it is a new truck !!

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I was thrilled when I found it, it’s perfect for these projects. I put a new clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing in it last Christmas, so someone’s going to get a definite ready to go rig. I just can’t do it, every time I start working on it my back tells me I have to stop. Kind of stinks, I was really looking forward to having it running on wood.

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Is this truck still available?!?

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At 71K miles it is still a new truck !!

Yes it is, I’m located in Northwest Arkansas.


Price update - in hopes of helping someone get a project going I am reducing the price to $6000 even for the entire package.

I still have this truck package if anyone’s interested. It’s approaching 72,000 miles since we do drive it and it still runs great. Would be a good rig for someone doing a wood gasser and you don’t find these V-10’s much anymore, let alone with low miles.

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If I had the means…

I expected someone would want the entire package of materials and the truck, but a year has passed so I suppose I will let the truck alone go. It’s been lightly used around a small farm only so miles are not much higher than they were.

I would take $4,000 without the already started wood gas components and gathered materials.

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