Ford Model A Wood Gas Hill Climbing

A wood gas ride in the Swiss Mountain area onto the Schwaegalp Pass on about 4200 ft, close to the famous Saentis Mountain in the Appenzell Area



Very beautiful gasogenic car, maintained with the serieux that one recognizes with the inhabitants of switzerland.


One of the best builds i ever seen driving around… chapeau…


Hello Daniel,

this year not far from home, there is a feast of mechanics, and the theme this year is the gasifier, I propose to you if you are interressing to welcome you at his two days, so that you can participate in this demonstration 20km from my home.

Best regards.

Francois Pal

Dear Francois

Thanks very much for your invitation. Well the demonstration might be just 20 km from your home, but it is over 600 km from my home. So I am sorry that is definitely a bit too far :slight_smile:

All the best, Daniel

Daniel, the organizers this year are ready to make a financial contribution for your exhibition and your trip, I receive you free of charge in my house these two days,

can you reconsider your position?

There is going to be Mr Perrouse’s car, the gas-producing Bordeaux Chrysler.

Best regards.

François Pal.

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