Ford Reiche's Termite

Partially (mostly) completed project free to the right party. Wayne sold me the Termite, his third wood truck, which my son and I drove from Alabama to Maine. Google “Reiche Termite”. Thereafter, we started construction on another one, on a GMC 3/4 ton, using stainless for all the new equipment. The project is largely done on the system side, and there is plenty of tinkering to be done on the electrics, etc…and then endless tweaking after it becomes operational…but that goes with the territory. When the project got to the present stage, my son went back to school…and then I sold my company and retired…and this project is not going to be completed by us. A lot of time and money was spent on this. We would like to find the right party to finish it, hopefully a school with appropriate technical support to get it done. I have photos to forward. Please email me at [email protected]. Cumberland, Maine

Welcome to the site Mr. Reiche! That’s a wonderful deal for someone!

these photos relate to my post of Free Truck Project to appropriate party to finish it up.
Ford Reiche

Also, Chris, and anyone else, I am most interested in getting word about this truck so that we can round up interest, and hopefully find the most suitable recipient. It would be appreciated if the above message and photos could be forwarded hither and yon.
Thanks, Ford

Wow that things looks really great!

When you mean free do you really mean free?

Free to the right recipient; preferably a school or similar, as noted above.

Dear Ford
I am Begging!!! May I have the truck? Rather than free I can Pay you $1000 @ $100a month If it can stay with you until Christmas time. if you want it, At Christmastime I plan to go to upstate New York to see my Family. I will then be able to take it to my sister’s house where my nephew (a welder /mechanic)and my brother-in-law can help me get it finished. I only get to see my family once every 5 years or so because basic social security doesn’t pay very much, as well as my 22 year old Ford Aerostar takes $8-900 worth of gas each way to make the trip at today’s fuel prices. So PLEASE conceder me when you dispose of the wonderful truck.
PS I will show the truck to schools and alliterative fuels events out here often!!!

Let’s focus on schools first, as Mr Reiche has stated. Do you know anyone with a school connection that is interested in teaching hands-on alternative energy?

Kenneth Winiarski may be a good choice, he’s a woodgas builder in Maine and he’s also a high school shop teacher. I’ve contacted him directly.

I contacted a friend who teaches at UNL he is going to check with the energy guys. He also mentioned Iowa or Iowa state one is big into gasifcation. We’ll see.

Mr. Reiche

I have built and drive a wood gas truck, one of my sons plans to build a gassifier for his senior project as an engineer at Andrews University for his senior project to study wood gas, Let me know if this may fall into your desire for the truck.

                                               Thank's BJ

Mr Reiche,

I received a Email earlier from Chris stating your offer. I work as a High School Level automotive instructor in Houlton, Maine. Region 2 School of Applied Technology is about 4 hours north of you. Our new automotive curriculum is NATEF standards. Which is the organization that is ASE. We in the great State of Maine are all mostly accredited with NATEF and have to follow their curriculum.

I personally am starting to build a truck of my own. Work truck. Big, Slow and very limited distance but just what I personally need up here. I would like to say that I would like to accept your offer of this truck for the school, but politics involved in education, well, can be,… interesting to say the least.

I will have to contact my Director and see what his input on this would be. Between Automotive Technology performing most of the work, Welding shop performing some or all of the welding, and Auto Body Technology painting and graphics on the truck. This would involve about 1/3 of the school. But like I said, I would have to run this by my Director and get his input if you are willing to go this avenue with your truck.

It would definately make a conversation piece at the fairs, parades and car shows in the state, as well as advertizing for the school. Please call me at (207) 538-7583 and we can talk, or Email me at [email protected] (My personal Email).

Hope to hear from you.

Ken “Cowboy” Winiarski

I just stumbled across this thread. Where did the truck end up? Is it running? Just curious how a newer GM runs on wood gas.