Free gas coolers!

We have a manufactured home with a Coleman furnace. The heat exchanger had to be replaced today because there is a slight crack starting in the ceramic combustion area. I had no idea what the heat exchanger might look like until they asked me if I wanted to keep it. If the picture comes through, you can see why I was interested in it.

I suspect that any HVAC company that does Coleman furnaces would get a few of these every year. For all I know, lots of other furnaces may have heat exchangers of a similar design. At this price (free) one could afford to use it and just throw it away when it gets dirty!!!

I did try to post a photo of this heat exchanger to the yahoo woodgas group, but gave up, as usual, in frustration.
Just not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, I guess.

I sure hope it shows up here.
Pete Stanaitis

What an interesting configuration, looks like a good updraft charcoal with cooler ready to run. Coleman would be the perfect partner for wood gas.