Fuel Comparisons

Ran across a comparison chart I made over a year ago; I compared several fuels on different aspects. Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Propane, Factory Electric, DIY Electric, and Woodgas.

Woodgas comes out ahead as you might expect. But it’s nice to quantify that. Also realize that it’s not the cheapest conversion out there - but the price of the fuel more than makes up for that. Payback time is particularly impressive.

Basing the comparison on a small midsize truck like a Dakota (except for factory electrics, which aren’t available that way). If you see numbers that don’t make sense or are wrong, I am happy to make corrections.

Hi ChrisKY
Could you work up CNG also?
For public road useage both Propane and CNG have DOT mandated pressurized tank age dating forcing replacements that have to be factored in. 5-12 years? Same with the genrally DYI lead acid battery aging out replacements. 3-7 years? These are both significant overlooked OPERATIONAL, not just another maintance/useage costs.
There actually was a factory offered electric Ford Ranger pickup for municipalities for a short time period back when.

Steve Unruh

Hi Steve,

OK, added. Yes the electric, CNG and propane have major $$$ replacement points about 10 years in. I don’t think the gasifier really does, but we’ll have to see in a few years how things are holding up.

Of the various fuels available, only one is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. All the rest are nickels and dimes apart - even electricity. Prices are based on Louisville KY, the closest area I could find all these fuels available.

Any idea on the cost range or MPGe of the Ford Ranger?

Hey ChrisKY
Here’s a link to start - there are others:
This links to an GM effort in an S-10. I did not know. I had given up on all electric vehicle fantasies by then. The production Hybrids do a much better real world usable job without the great expensive needed infra-structure changes anything other than gasoline and diesel would need. These other’s all only get any traction by much topdown Gov’Mint/PoliticalGreen/BigAG sucking dollars input.
I agree the only thing personal DYI doable/usable IS woodgas.
“We all need to be planting our own fuelwood trees.”, Doug Williams
Some actually did listen, hear and do.
Steve Unruh