Fuels besides wood

N o matter how much limb and trunks you chomp up; it is only 1/`10 of the energy that that is avalable.
The real energy is in the leaves and the grasses.Where life is taking place.
The leaves and grasses suck up the minerals and give it life.
It grows and grows and makes “biomass”

We can burn this biomass and produce “Power”
Run STEAM ENGINES and such.
We can get it hot enough; and produce FUELGAS
And ignight it with a spark.

Run my truck …Haul my hay.
ALL thatI need is to make MY LIFE WORK
Everthing else is irrelevint
I donnot care what the problems are;I will sovle the riddle.

The whole woodgas thing shows me that energy is everywhere.
Use it as you wish.
This is realy exciting DON’T YOU THINK.

I am sorry about the introtion into your thread but I don’t know ow to start my own.

You moderators out there, please teach meto be more benifitial to the group.
There are many people out there that have only trash to work with.
Now trash is good, if you can deal with the minerals that are there.

The minerals are only there because the plants pulled it out of the soil.
So that is what your plants need…PUT IT BACK INTO THE SOIL.
The biochar is th most important thing that deal with.
All the fuel of the earth burns itself off within 10 to15 years.
The ashes create new life. The new open space creates possibility.

I don’t want to ceamate my fuel ; but simply accivate it to produce more.
I look for a healthy productive lawn; Or trees, or tumbleweeds.Fuel in any form.

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Is this a good way to get rid of Wal-Mart bags? I throw in 3 or 4 every time I add wood.

Add a few old jugs as well but it’s best to try to remember to bring a canvas bag when you go shopping but I rarely remember. I had one in my truck but it got buried in there somewhere or I gave it to wifey who actually uses them … ML

The whole Gasifier consept is to get the charcoal up to temperature and to feed it with something to reform.
If you feed it with “trash” fuels then it will clog up and shut thereaction down.
Only because the minerals block the flow of the gasses and block the reactions.
Even in agasifier, you must “refine” your fuels. just like gasoline…Right size chunks,
right moisture right shacker grate., right air flow.
You got to understand what you are trying to do

If you just want to fire a boiler then it is easy. But if you want to fire an ICE
then it gets very preciece
When you get your rig running right, then a little old lady needs to cross the streat.
You must STOP and let her pass…Your gasifier cools down and feeds tar into your engine.

The open road, anyone can handle; When you get into town, yougot to Know it and adapt.
Then is when you know if it is real.

I know that I am a louse cannon on this forum…I am a scientis wanting to join the useable.
My mind is so full of theires and possibilitys that I must GROUND myself whith what
ACTUALY works.
In my apprentice days, I aways said “why cant we do it this way”
Then when I became a foreman, I had to tell my apprentice “BECAUSE I SAID SO”

The old ways always works; it is proven; it s relieable.
When you work on MY project, you will do it MY WAY.

I shall send the money to learn the secrites of the WK Gasifier and and find out how
he a can get the same temperatyue out at 500 CFM and 50 CFM.
I need to know this becouse I am commited tgo making this work for me.

I don’t have trees to chunk; I only have the weeds and leaves to work with
It is useable and doable but I need a rock crusher to make it flow
Because of the silicon in the leaves,

Have pity on us, and please help; Make it doable for use to us.

I want to he
ire form the people from the deasert reagine that have made this work.
Thoughs from the people that I can relate to.
If you don’t have abondent fuel, how do you make this work.

It’s not easy whin you liuve in a deasert.

Newbie here with his half penny worth. If you live in d desert but must process your fuel can you possibly get mother nature to work for you? I would look into preprocessed fuel that could be picked off the ground or out of the barn could be the size giant pancakes or apples some could be pelletized. But don’t know how well it work

Like Mike and Carl,I throw other things in the gasifier such as plastic bags cardboard,bones,used oil whatever is handy and needs tossing,.My daughter figured we could run a mobile Pet crematorium by driving by and picking up the deceased pet open the lid and toss the pet in once out of view.

In my apprentice days, I aways said “why cant we do it this way”
Then when I became a foreman, I had to tell my apprentice “BECAUSE I SAID SO”

The old ways always works; it is proven; it s relieable.
When you work on MY project, you will do it MY WAY.


How much creativity and innovation has been buried with the words “If it aint broke, don’t mend it.”?

I’m lucky enough to work for an organisation that respects innovative thinking.

Hello Brian,
Even the organisation that welcomes your input, Must make a decision as to the way it should go.
Never think that your imput is wasted. They hear and concider.
But, when a job must be done, on time and as designed; Your suggestions will be considered later.

It may take years for your intuition to become recognised and used.
Such is the plight of the apprintice. I know what I know. Why won’t you listen.
Because I have a contract and it must be done right. And on time.

When you are foreman, then you will have the chance to prove your ways.
Until then, Do it my way. It is my turn; yours will come later

I hope fully that your ways are 100% better than mine.

It is only what I have taught you and your rebellion to it that makes us grow.
That makes you find a better way And I am thankful…Makes it easier on me.

This is the natural progress of things and it is good to go slowly.
Our children are smater than we are simply because they have learned
from us and pushed the envilope further out learned to make it work.

Keep up the good work and push the envelope until it woorks.