Gas Cooling

Hi All,

I did get to play around with our new power station earlier this week. I’ll get to some of details on this in another thread. But one of the features of this machine is the liquid cooled condenser. Wow does that thing ever ring out the moisture and set the stage for tar removal. So I was thinking further of system that could possibly use an air conditioner to boost cooling and still keeping things compact. I was turned on to these air to air AC units that are very efficient. If any one here has ever experimented with AC cooling Im interested in your results and power requirements to run it.

Hi MattR
On gasifiers I have not done this myself but to refrigerate cool to drop out condensates is call “chilling” with “chillers”. This is very common in Dino refining, many industrial chemical processes including wafer making and even some sewage processing facilities.
All of the later larger that ~20kW stationary pictured/illustrated IISC/Mukunda installations have at least one and up to three produced gas chilling steps.
So obviously does work.
Another compexity though not absolutly needed for piston IC engine fueling usage.

ALL AC equiped vehicles since the mid-90’s DO refigerate/dehumidify the HVAC intaked air before it is ran past the hot engine heated heater core to warm it. Listen and you will hear your AC compressor cycling when your system is in the heater mode. This helps keep the inside veiwing glass clear and adds to occupant comfort. You can base energy input needs based on these. I guess need about a 1500-2000 watt energy imput needed to do this with a belt driven refrigerent compressor unit.

Steve Unruh

The reason Im after this is because the smaller I can build em the cheaper I can ship em. So I agree it is a bit more complex and not practical for our basic systems. However, when we get into the big stuff something like this may be in order. Especially for over seas shipments. A nice AC assisted condenser I could build very compact and taking a little energy from these big machines might be worth the effort.

Your input is great Steve always good to hear from you :slight_smile: