Gas tests for cleanliness before feeding into the engine


That is soooo Beautiful!!


Nice flame are you powering a motor yet. more filters the better i supose, though if no tar a little black soot dont seem too hurt getting through the hay filters.

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That is good looking gas,what are you using for filters and what is your filter setup?

That flame is beautiful and looks like natural or LP!! That is what I have been trying to get but mine flame has so much orange in it TLUD flair on YouTube I am running char with two filter stages. It does run the generator so it is flammable. I am in Minnesota and wondering if it could be moisture in char or from humidity - any ideas?

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Hi Todd, Welcome to the DOW site. Nothing wrong with the flare you showed in the video. There is a tint of orange but nothing that would denote burning tars. The moisture in your air is probably enough to give you that hint of burning hydrogen. Add to that some moisture in you char and you will have some color in your flame. Do you get any moisture condensing out in the filter or else where? I know that days when the temperature is near freezing and there is high humidity can provide more moisture that the charcoal can crack and the excess condenses out. Did you get the design for your crossfire from Troy?
the bottom line is you have what looks like a good quality gas. Start running your engines on it.
Gary in PA


Welcome Todd,. That flare color looks the same as mine. I make softwood charcoal because that is what I have. I think hardwood charcoal makes more of a blue flame flare. What you have looks pretty professional; how about showing some pictures of your build.


Gary, thank you for the reassurance. My first couple batches from retort didn’t get hot enough and I did have tar, but since then I thought I had good char, but I couldn’t get rid of the orange so I was wondering what was wrong. Thank you for the information and encouragement, there appear to be a bunch of great people willing to share their knowledge on this site, I should have posted my question earlier.
This is actually a unit that Troy’s company OffGridPro started and I have completed the build. I have three completed gasifiers and would like to sell two of them.

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I was assuming softwood would just have less energy like in a camp fire - didn’t realize hardwood could make better gas too. I haven’t been very picky and thus maybe a 50/50 mix. I will give that a try and see what I get. Thank you

I wish I could take credit for the build, most of it was done by OffGridPro. I did do a bunch of work to finish the two units shown in the pictures.


That is s beautiful flame

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