Gasification Test Plant UK

Hi - small scale gasification test plant with engine for sale on ebay uk

item No. 263124405679

why not post the whole link ?

looks a bit rusty …

Thanks for this VincentD.
Thanks for the link K.V.L.
Use the right hand more-pictures arrow to bring up the engine gen head pictures. Is definitely a 240CID Ford 6 cylinder industrial engine. And a later one with an electronic ignition distributor. Electric controlled mixer/throttle body. These ussually drove a nominal 20-25 KVA gen head.
Last picture shows the power curve graphs.

I let others sort out the gasifier/filter system.
tree-farmer Steve Unruh

I’ll sort out the $ end. Buy it now for 12750 pounds. An online calculator converted that to $16500.00 dollars.

Opps. I stand corrected. Text clearly states this is a 4.9L (nominal 300 CID) Ford engine version.
The engine power graphs on propane and natural gas should be taken with a large grain of salt.
That directly couple generator head for 50 hz will want ot be spun at 1500 RPM. Not much engine power at that low of RPM regardless of the fuel.

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30 - 40 kW aint happening @ 1500 rpms on woodgas. 300 ci might be able to maintain 20 kW and 25 kW at best. Torque gets you going, horse power keeps you going and there is just is not enough ponys available on the producer gas to maintain much more. The torque on the other hand I bet that engine hardly flinches when heavy loads are applied. If I ever build another V8 machine I was planning a L31 383 Chevy for that reason. But I dont think I will go back to those large machines. I think the teamed machines will make them obsolete plus they offer many more advantages. The Italy machine with the 5.3 ltr the client said it could pull 30 kW. This is an engine thats 45% and has a lot of performance gains over the heavy industrial beast.

Edit: so yeah it puts out roughly 60 hp @ 1500 rpm. Now factor in the power losses running producer gas. Yeah that puts it somewhere in the 30 - 35 HP range. So roughly 15-20 kW capable continuous.