Gasifier books for study

I did upload a large section of my books for the benefit of others.

Enjoy the reading


Wow Koen,
now my keyboard needs a replaced like button :wink:
I know some of the books, but the majority is new to me. Thanks so much for sharing!
I will enjoy it definitely.
Regards, Til


Outstanding Mr Koen Van Looken.

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Lots of nice info books thanks Koen, i dont read much unless its of great interest, and when my data speeds back up i will be scanning them books, i see one book i had stored the hh percent needed for combustion.

Gold mine!

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My best regards Koen. Information is the only thing that the more you give away, the more it grows. Thank you.


Thank you, Koen! Your share of your Google Drive was enough to get me to join!

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and you have all printed out?

Yes Haapio in the my past (2007-2017) I had ALL that is in the DOW Library paper printed out. It makes quite the stack!
And all read, re-read, and studied.

I have given them all away in the last three years.
These limit modern woodgas usage in modern engine applications.

The only three modern publications that I use anymore all use electronic fuel injected gasoline engine systems. Capable of overhead camshaft engines. Electronic spark timing controlling.
Utilize more modern constructing materials of stainless steels, plastics, RVT sealants, spun alumina-silica insulation matting.
And able to same-system multi-gasifier fuel.
Most of the historic used excellent, now very NO-NO asbestos for insulations and sealing. And just this changing forces actual design changes.

These “historic” unfortunately limit with the peer-accepted understandings of the 1930’s thru the 1980’s.

As Joni had answered on another topic we all know now that internal combustion engines are not woodgas limited to just 2000-3000 RPM.
And this is just one example that these historic documents will limit your developments.

You said that you had VesaM’s “Wood Gas For Mobile Applications”? Yes?
This is one of the three truly modern understandings books.
Use it.
It is the only one of the three I use with modern applications to diesel engines in it.
Steve unruh


Pääkaupunkiseudun biojätteistä luomulannoitteita ja biokaasua ─ Lohjan biokaasulaitoksen kaupallinen käyttö alkoi

Organic fertilizers and biogas from biowaste in the Helsinki metropolitan area ─ Commercial use of the Lohja biogas plant began

biowaste … you know what that mean?

i was there tooday, but can not go in…



Oh. I forgot to say . . . .
Open up K.V.L.'s link on the first post.
And be amazed!



Welcome to the Development of Agricultural Plastic Waste Collection webinar

K.V.L.'s link on the first post.???

What all electronic in toaster

Click onto the blue “Jan 2018” on the left-hand of page slide bar.
This takes you to the first topics opening post.
His google link to all of his reference publications loaded to pdf’s is there.

Urban plastic wastes are not wood. And interest to a few. Just like tires.
But not imho D-O-Wood interests.
We are not garbage solutions people here.
Trees are not garbage.
Living things. Replenish-able. Atmospheric carbons eaters.
Is this to be the new Eastern Europe goal? Be the Garbage solutions to western Europe??
Like China has been for the U.S.?



Urban plastic wastes are not wood. And interest to a few. Just like tires.

yes , but that s a long proces.

now. i composting a lot off old Hay bale

and bring that is proces …

His google link to all of his reference publications loaded to pdf’s is there.

o that yes i look what i go print

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A good thing you are doing Mike. I had forgotten some of these threads. Mostly I can’t believe they have been dormant for a year or more. Some of them it seems like I just looked at, but haven’t put much time in review old posts lately, so couldn’t have.