Gasifier Designs of all Countries (no WK designs)

Here is something I have not seen before.


The patient that used oxigen too feed gasifier, would cost more too operate than gasoline, likeley.?


Yes definitely. It might have used an on board oxygen pump but that’s still one more thing you have to maintain.


The part about pressurization seems vindicate what I have spoken about before

I could not measure the CH4 composition of my gas in the pressurized fluid bed but I did notice once you were not operating under partial vacuum you could do all kinds of interesting things.

I did have a tar problem because I could not get the bed to flow and keep a uniform temperature.

A lot of stuff in those videos I have never seen done here or anywhere.
And I really thought I was doing stuff not done before.
Feeling quite foolish now for being so tight lipped over the years.


I agree Wallace a whole different game once you do pressurize and even add pre-purified additive gasses. Yes. Yes. Big-time investment systems alright.
But three times I’ve seen different DIY raw wood gasifiers negatively pressurized be gas tested as having 3-4% CH4. Makes a difference to the engines.

Kevin skip back from the ending Oooh-Wow system none of us will ever make to minute 4:35 → 5:35.
In the past here on the DOW I can distinctly remember Joni, J.O. and Kristijan all discussing they had independently tried going without a dedicated charcoal bed reduction (recovery) zone. They each said it was needed for a least tars raw wood system.
Looking back on Serg’s 100 years video and in IMBERTS timeline patents systems you can see he had discovered this. The two Soviet designers eliminating Imbert’s exteded charcoal reduction zones discovered they had to revert back to some form of a charcoal bed reduction zone to reduce their systems tars.
The Swedish/Finn Government/University systems have these. Almost every other later modern systems have these in raw wood systems for the least tars in their engine gasses.
Almost all except . . . .
Steve unruh


Who is this guy?


That’s @Serg , he posts on the forum every now and then.


Thanks I want to go back and read some stuff.
The Volga looked familiar…

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What if you used peroxide instead?

That would be an interesting experiment…
Run some 30% in place of water on a Charcoal unit and see what the gas looks like.
At that concentration it might be neutral or what I mean it would not cool the reaction

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I agree steve, a charbed wood be a better type drizler design, Providing the sprinkled in wood keep the charbed replenished. That type design is interesting , But what actualy is the main benifit of a drizler design gasifier, since you still need a hopper box, and then a way too get the chunks /chips/pellets too the hearth zone.Or maybe its a better way too go if burning pellet feed stock.THANKS.

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