Gasifier Diagram

This is not a Wayne Keith gasifier but it is the one that I use to run my small block Chevy stationary engine.
The photo, looking down from the hopper, shows the thirteen stainless steel air nozzles.
The nozzles are .75 inch od X .44 inch id X .50 over all lenght, .25 inch of them are visable inside of
the reducer. I built mine this way to help prevent fuel bridging, I am not claiming it is any better than any other setup. It’s just the way I built mine.


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If it is working, then keep on useing it.
Thirteen nozzles meens to me that you plan on running BIG chunck
through there…Less work chunckin’ ; and more bragging rights
“I did it my way” When it works, no one can tell you you are wrong.
You have the proff right before your eyes
And that is the satisfation of being self suffitiante

So, I’m not a good speller; you get the drift.

Nice looking gasifier! How does it do? Do you get much condensate from the hopper gutter?

Thanx Daucie I get the drift.

Chris, not a lot of condensate up there, with my fuel, I burn aspen and basswood scrap from work and it is dried to 6%. I do get some thick black goo that dries hard when it cools down. I may just it drip back into the hopper. Other than that it makes lots of good gas. I can light my flare with a flint striker once the unit is up to temp.

any more measurements and pictures on this gasifier?? We are gathering stuff right now planning sort through and build very soon

John; I my sizing may or may not work for your usage. It is for a 300 plus cid IC. This is what I used, hopper and reactor shell are cut down 55 gal barrels, the fire tube is 1/2 of a 100 lb propane tank, the reducer is made from two riding lawnmower rims cut and welded together. This is my eight inch reduction. The shell of the pre heater is made from a 18.5 inch dia. hotwater tank. I insulated with cast able boiler refractory ( AP green), I would not recommend this for mobile use, glass wool would better, the inside form I rolled from the outer shell ( cover) of the old hotwater heater. My grate is .25 inch steel plate drilled full of 1/2 inch holes and hangs on chain. I built this one ad hoc, as proof of concept and it works well for me. Click my name to check my other pictures and posts.


It might work. Now is the design of such that water heater shells can be used ?

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