Gasifier Engine Driven Charcoal Production

To start off, Im putting this into it own topic as any design work I put into this is free for the taking.

So what I am planning on building is a charcoal production system that will be universal fuel input capable. (Pre processed chips, chunks or non processed typical cut and split fire wood)

This will be the kiln only, the primary thermo process and engine system will be a separate and external system.

This will be rather simple, it will have a removable basket to contain the feed stock, a Pyrolysis gas re-circulation system and a simple swirl burner below the basket with a 1 to 2 inch gap between the basket and its outer walls for combustion gases to flow through for even heat distribution. The pyrolysis gas recirculation system will feed back the gas into the combustion process bellow the primary combustion process swirl burner.

For the gasiifer engine system to drive the combustion process. I plan to build a dedicated gasifier but could also use a simple fire, or the charcoal units I have planned.

For a dedicated gasifier system, I plan to build a FEMA gasifier!! Finally a use for the FEMA gasifier. However this will be modified a little. The hearth will have air inlet jets like an Imbert. The air feed will come from the hopper so some air feed will migrate thru the fuel in the hopper. This will be a closed unit and air pressure driven as I dont want any electrical input to drive this system. Since all we are doing is burning this gas off in the swirl burner of the kiln gas quality is not an issue.

In any case this will eventually have some automation with an O2 Sensor driven air mixer valve system. The idea is to control the gasifier gas production and slow it down once the process gas from kiln becomes combustible feeding the process.

More to come :fire:


I wish designing and building a commercial engine grade gasifier was this easy. I litterally designed and modeled this in a half hour.

So this here is a sealed FEMA unit with passive jetting. If you look close you can see there are some slots in the inner vessel. These are the jets to help keep the oxidation zone static. This has a very shallow reduction with a very passive grate. So hopefully grate intervention will not be necessary. Even though the lid is not there yet, this will be a sealed unit with an air intake feed inline with one of the jet openings to allow for lighting. Ill use an ejector to get it lit and meter in pressurized air after ignition.

The bottom picture shows the upper outer shell faded out to expose the internal hopper. This outer shell is basically a manifold. Air enters in here and feeds the jet slots that are cut into the internal hopper shell and also can migrate to the top and enter the top of the hopper inside here. This should help keep combustion gases down as well.

Those looking for a stupid simple gasifier here ya go!!