Gasifier for sale cheap for short time only

Hi wood dowers, i have my experimental heated hoper with two cyclones too spread the heat out and the ash. Ir needs very little work, it just needs the ammo can bottom replaced or relocated too your choice. It seems too work Good i only drove it about 10 times about 50 miles per round trip. The gasifier never left me a sticky carb throttle plates, and the other air wood gas control butter fly flaps, never got sticky either. so the results were good too drive, i had bought a newer s10 and have decided too sell this for no less than 500 buck just too cover about 1/4 of the labor and most of the welding wire. It would be best mounted too a trailer as for easyer for cleaning out the cyclones and hopper heater pipe plug rinse caps.If i keep thats fine. i will have too mount on a trailer, and intend too have sides closed like a tool box, then have the full sides hinge sideways out of the way for real easy checking and maintainence cleaning. Thats my bottom line $500.00, if you want too see or buy, i will send you an email upon at my ceramic blanket burn tube thread.


This ceramic blanket burn tube gasifier is still for sale up here in michigan, Any one interested would have too arrange there own pickup.