Gasifier plans for 5KW generaotr

hello everybody i am new to wood gas and i want to try building a small scale gasifier to run a 5KW generator i need some plans to get started.


I would start by looking through @Matt 's thread going backward:

In case you don’t know, wood or charcoal has less energy density then gasoline so a 5kw generator isn’t going to produce even close that. If you need 5kw’s, you need to look at a bigger or another generator, and Matt actually goes through that in his process.


Welcome to the site M. I believe that starting out with a Gary Gilmore Simple Fire gasifier is the best plan. You can make a simple to fabricate unit in as little as little as a day and be operational. Materials are easily scrounged. You will need charcoal as fuel but you will not have to deal with valve sticking tar. As you gain some experience you can transition into more complex wood fueled systems if that better suits your needs. Gary has Youtube’s on his builds and there are many other examples of these systems in the library. Start simple.


There are more videos that you should be able to access from this one.


I have unfortunately nothing to add, just wanted to say welcome to dow :blush:


Hello and welcome to the DOW.
You will find much information in the Small Engines sub-section topics.
Found by clicking open the the stacked-papers tool icon in the top of page dark band bar.

Please give the following information.
You generators engine original designed fuel. Gasoline? Propane? Diesel? Methane?
The engines size in CC’s. The number of engine cylinders.
The engine-generators heads designed RPM. 3600? 3000? 1800? 1500?
The designed voltage(S). If AC the designed frequency. 50 hertz? 60 hertz?

Your available to be used fuel wood species. Raw as cut harvested? Previous kiln dried?

Do you intend to use this in a Rural, Suburban or Urban place?

All of these factors will make a difference on systems type you can be directed to.
Steve Unruh