Gasifier questions

Hi PatrickP
I checked and you do not show as a Premium member. No problem with that. Many do develop and design for them selves. their skills, their climates and fuel woods. Show up your woodfuel potential base fuel stocks; actual engine loads, or heat needs for others to be able to help you forward.

Jan-Ola O.
You been putting up some good pictures, content and questions.
Now IF an extra WK book happened to show up at my place. Second hand touched then, it would be “used” then. I mail “used” books as gifts into the EU as personal gifts routinely with NO VAT tariff applicable.
This would give you some WK system base info.
Premium active memberships can be individual member to member “gift” sponsored also. Has to be active building content, recognized earned. Keep it up - you are on your way.

Regards to both
Steve Unruh

How far do you plan on having your nozzles from your restriction?

Tanks a lot Steve. It would be really helpful.

Arvid, That´s my main concern at this point. I have 16" from nozzles to grate. What do you suggest? Something in between WK and Imbert perhaps?

Hi Jan-ola,
I picked your pic out of the vid for people to see. The nozzles are the dark circles at the top of the drawing. I viewed it large, paused the vid and used the Print Screen key to copy the pic. Down load the free Gadwin PrintScreen program first.
It allows you to copy and save anything that is on the screen, a real handy program.
An interesting design. Your drawing is not childish at all. You may want to use graph paper to keep the drawing to scale. I presume your reduction plate just sets in place and you rely on char to “seal the edges. This may work, ok, but if you find your temps aren’t high enough or your gas is not too good quality, you may want to weld it in place. That will be an after the fact pita. Mine is gasketed and bolted in. Dan Cox had something similar to yours and ended up welding it in to solve the “internal” leak problem. I plan to insulate my propane tank outer shell. Here’s a pic of my cyclone preheat shroud and my drawing of imbert line D construction. I use burner and hearth interchangeably in my pics, short attention span here sometimes, ha, ha.
My nozzles are 13 1/8” above the grate. The nozzles are 4 1/4" above the restriction

Jan-Ola; That is a good presentation. I think we all can see what you have and what you are doing.
My comments for what they are worth; 1st— you really have to decide whether you are building a WK or an Imbert style. You can’t have one foot in two different boats and expect good results. With the imbert there are very specific dimensions to follow based on the engine size— number of nozzles, nozzle diameter , restriction dia. and distance from the nozzles to restriction.
With the WK design, with his book he gives you dimensions which have a lot of latitude, but most of his work pertains to a 318 cu. in V8. Your engines are much smaller so you are going into another area. A couple of members have built smaller WK and they will be able to help you. A good thing about a WK is it has a large turndown ratio, meaning it can run engines from 400 cu in to 1 cylinder engines for a short time.
As for your design other than determining if you are going to put your restriction near the grate like a WK or part way between the nozzles and the great— I am concerned that your “air” will come in and go around the container and directly into the part where the nozzles are. You need some baffles to force the “air” to come in then go down to below the container at the grate and then up to your inlet to the nozzles. This will give some needed preheat to your "air"TomC

Let me think about it and I’ll email you

I chose the imbert for the very reasons Tom states, specific. Not much trial and error there. I’m interested in a stand alone unit in the 25 HP range for a generator. I’m not familiar with the WK so I can’t really comment on it. Pepe
Check out some of my gasifier runs here
Click on Videos to view my uploads.

Jan-Ola, I’ve sent you an email.

Hi All
Morning friend Pepe. I think it is only fair to point out that both you and friend Dan Cox have chosen to shake your whole systems with rather large electric motors with quite a lot of eccentric weighting.
I only used a 300 watt motor with less than 2 ounces of weight back doing that. I stopped due to no longer the need anymore with learned fuel chunk/moisture/thermal control to eliminate bridging’s and rat holing problems. Then no more shaking things unseated too.
This is why most others are quite happy with just ledge resting, fuel stack weighted held down, ash sealed internals too.
Steve Unruh

the only shaking my systems get if from the engine that the unit may be mounted to… don’t seem to need much if any.

I have found with daily and routine driving ( 30-50 miles and 100 pounds or less wood used ) I hardly ever need the grate shaker . The lighting procedures each morning will take care of any ash or fines that should be purged .

When driving on long trips 400- 800 miles without shutting down and relighting I have needed to use the shaker to keep the gasifier flowing well.

Thank you all for your input. I appreciate it a lot.

Tom, I´m familiar to Imbert dimensions and I´ve been following all your posting, Pepe.
The joy of experimenting is grate. If oil crises were here right now and I needed transportation fast I would go the safe way too.

I´m happy to announce I´m now a premium member. I will have a lot of additional reading to do.


Good morning Mr. JO and welcome aboard sir.

You may want to spend some time watching the construction videos

Also here is an option of the construction of the burn tube you may consider

Hi Steve.
Nice to hear from you. You are correct about my motor, it was the only one I had. I would have preferred a 1/4 hp. My eccentric however is 1/8’ x 1 1/4" x 2 1/2" so it’s not that heavy. It does however vibrate the whole unit quite well. Also correct on the fuel. Mine has been refined to smaller chunks trying to stay in the 1" to 2 1/2" range, but I occasionally run the vibrator anyway. Erring on the side of caution here. I’ll try some runs with out shaking it just to see how well it feeds. I still have the manual shaker for the grate which I am thinking of attaching a variable speed jig saw to. Saw that on youtube.

Hi Wayne,
Thanks for the post, however I keep getting the access denied message.

Hello Mr. Pepe .

Real sorry about the malfunction and don’t know what to advise . Chris has been work steady on a new system that will straiten all this out. Should be ready soon .

The links that I posted above were building the fire tube on my tractor and also the 95 dakota .

Pepe & Wayne, I think the access denied problem happens when Chris or the owner of the server is busy working on it … I just wait a few hours or try again later … If I do a long post I usually save the text but I post from three different locations so don’t always get to re-post the same text … God, I pray it warms up soon … We had a short lived heat wave today … Mike L

Thank you Wayne,

A lot of good ideas in heart heat recovery. I guess it´s a cat skinning procedure :wink:


Hi Wayne & Mike,
Thanks for the response. I tried it again and it worked fine. I’ll have to take some time and watch your build videos. I did watch a couple way back, but got tied up on my unit. Still making a few changes and loving it. Can’t wait to BBB.

Thank you very much, Steve Unruh!

I´ve been trying to e-mail you for some time, but it seems I´m “forbidden” to.
I suspect you´re behind me being able to get my premium membership. You can´t amagine how grateful I am. Just tell me how I can make it up to you.
When I get the time I´ll do some building progress posting. Just wish there were more than 24 hours a day.

Regards from Sweden