Gasifier with hho generator

Has anyone tried to combine the gasifier with a hho generator?


See I’ve been doing research before I build a gasifier and I’ve done research on a hho gas and on thermal electricity and id like to combine all three because i believe that the hho gas will give the wood gas that extra pop and help keep the tar build up down i just wanted to know if anyone had tried it yet and might save me some time thanks for any replies

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HHO wouldn’t help break down any tar buildup. Only solvent I could see dissolving any accidentally made tar is gasoline, And only when the tar is fresh.

Also the HHO would throw off your stoichiometry, considering the oxygen in the gas. Woodgas shouldn’t have any oxygen in it until after mixing with air.

An HHO cell also would have a hard time keeping up as your RPM climbs.

With a properly sized and built gasifier you shouldn’t have any tar coming out of the gasifier, accidents and fuel issues like bridging not included.


A typical HHO cell the average joe is going to build will only put out maybe what 2 liters a minute? This is nothing and would not do anything. If you want to make the gas energy density greater then it would be way more benficial to use an oxygen consentrator and eliminate the nitrogen. Displace the nitrogen with steam generated from waste heat of the gasifier. This steam will get cracked not only into a much larger amount of H2 the Oxigen will combine with the carbon and create CO as part of the cracking process. You are just wasting your time with HHO generators they dont work and dont fall down that rapid hole as it leads to nowhere.


I appreciate the responses ill look at the oxygen consentrator thanks again


Actually I take that back. That rabit holes leads you to here :slight_smile: Quite a few of us started with HHO before learning of wood gas once here though forget the HHO stuff its a scam.


If you look on the message threads here you will fine where some have injected water into the gasifier in hopes to produce hydrogen.

HHO I have seen useful in make torches, and I follow many rabbit trails which showed me this video → with hydrogen.

He is in the experimental world whether his claims work or not may or may not be, but he has approaches I have not seen before.\

When someone says “brown’s gas” I normally run. Too many scams I have seen with this wording. Hydrogen is amazing, and I would love to have a fuel cell to convert my solar energy to hydrogen, but I have not found a reasonable way of doing that yet…

Look up Hydrogen Home

This guy knows the read deal on hydrogen.

The most fun I had with my cells were making HHO over water bottle rockets. Back when were kids we had these rocket you filled with water and then presurized them with an air pump. This is sort of the same concept except you bubble the HHO into the void over the water. Then break the supply tube splice and light it and POP! Off it goes!!! lol Yeah just dont light the wrong end of the splice leading back to the HHO generator. Yeah did that once too oopsy :slight_smile: For me it did lead me here though and I still had a great deal of fun experimenting with HHO.

But I think building a simple charcoal unit with water drip would be a better start. Once it is realized how much more water is cracked this will change the perspective.


Yeah, I have only watched from the outside, I have tried making hydrogen with welder’s blankets, and now some graphene terminals, but I have not ventured too far…

I have been enticed to try and make hydrogen chemically instead of electrolysis.