Gasifiyer drawings

I am a total novice about this. I have orderd a book that shows the WWII type and watched some videos. First question does anyone on here have a design drawing I can build from. And is there anyone on here in Middle Tennessee that wouldn’t mind me looking at there build. I am a hands on learner mostly.


There is much to learn from on this forum, the driveonwood free library has days and days worth of reading available. The Have Wood Will Travel book by Wayne Keith (Store Link) has complete information to build a WK gasifier suitable for a Dodge Dakota V8 (years 92-96) and can be sized up and down a bit. Most new readers of this forum spend time researching the site resources for awhile. Welcome! :blush:


I am in mid eastern Alabama close to Anniston I have a few WK style builds here your welcome by any time Just let me know.


That would be awsome you are about 4hrs away. I would like to set up a time to come by.

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I also just saw this message I thought I had to one post from the other day. But I believe that you had sent this around the same time. Learning the new site!


Good morning Wayne and welcome to the DOW ( drive on wood ) site .

Where are you in middle TN ? ( to many considered north Alabama )

I have gasified several trucks that I found in middle TN.
Larenceburg , a couple from Pulaski , Fayetteville ( now in Washinton state and the first wood truck with speeding violations in the US :frowning_face: .Also a dakota from Tullahoma that made a coast to coast and back trip in 2008.

I would very much like for you to come by but right now wife and I have shut down and staying in the back woods until we have some relief of the virus threat .:frowning_face::frowning_face:

Hoping to meet you in the future .



Hi Wayne:
Wellcome to this site.
You will find in this forum a lot of very good folks willing to help you.
I asume that you are looking forward to a gasifier for a vehicle.
There are basically two ways to go: charcoal gasifiers and wood gasifiers.
In regards the first way to go, in this forum there is a topic call : “Drawings of charcoal gasifiers for vehicles” you may find something of your interest there.
Good luck!!
Eddy Ramos (Argentina).


I actually want to start off with something small like a gasifier for a generator. Then I wanna work my way into putting one on one of my trucks. I figured if you guys are putting them on trucks you’ve already figured out how to do generators and small stuff. I just wanted to glean off of the information on here and hopefully somebody would be able to put me under their wing and help me along.


Hi Wayne Kelley
You should check flash001usa on YouTube, i don’t know if he’s on Drive with wood, but he explains very well and its very cheap the way he build it.
I know it’s a stationary system but there is not much difference.
You only have to modify your radiator to fit your truck, but for a beginner its grand.
But by all means read the library available here.
I think the only 1 you wouldn’t work its the drizzler system, for driving .
But i could be wrong