Gauge Integrity

Hey there everyone, I have a question for the experienced guys on this group. Even though you have probably mastered the range and extent of the water column measurements for the different areas, have you ever blown out the gauges?
If you might ever have it happen again, would an atmosphere exposed check valve in the line keep that line safe?
Thanks, Doug D.

Hello Mr. Doug D.

The little vac gauges I use can be pegged and it doesn’t seem to hurt them . On the v-10 the gauge in the cooling rails reads 0-30 inch of water, I can peg it and estimate about how much it is pulling. It will rise with a certain ratio to the fuel hopper gauge . ( not a problem)

Hi Doug, Most of the many gauges that I bought through surplus sales ?? in Nebraska were defective to begin with so I either had to put a black line on the face where zero actually was and on some I opened them up and bent a few things to get them zeroed. I think they probably shipped them at some point in the belly of an umpressurized cargo plane and at 50,000 feet they damn near popped. I have had a few BANGS that should have toasted them but they held up well … Still buried in ice here … See you in a few weeks, Mike

Mike, I still have to laugh when I think of that vacuum pointer that you had fastened to the flexible lid of a barrel with a long pointer pointing to marks on your back window. The lid of the barrel would suck down with the vacuum and change the placement of the pointer stick. Do you still have that picture of it?
Don M