WOW! I’m very impressed that one can run a vehicle on wood! (Just found this site) Does anyone know of a model plan that uses wood burning system to power a generator? IF you were going to need electric power 24/7 for the next 10 years without interruption, and wanted to do it in a remote area, would you consider this a reliable source, and how would you best apply this or what would your suggestions be? Surly if one can run a car or truck with wood, it would be simple to apply it to a whole house generator wouldn’t it? Suggestions? Plans? And before one jumps to conclusions, I am not looking to grow pot, I want to help an orphanage in Cambodia with an Aquaponic system, so they can grow their own food. The problem is that there is no power anywhere near this village.

Harold Whole house generator is a little loose for size. Several people here have run gen sets. Maybe Matt R will jump in or look up some of his posts. My unit would use 700 to 1400 lbs of wood per 24 hrs. That’s a lot of wood or rice hulls. There is enough info here to do what you want to do. Have a look around the site.

Hi Harold,
Admirable goal,Sir, and I wish you luck. I would suggest using a 12 volt battery banked system charged with the gasifier during monsoon months and solar panels during the non monsoon months. There are all kinds of 12 volt motors, pumps and electronic controllers for projects like this.
The first critical step would be planning the power requirements for the entire operation, as gasifier size is based on the desired HP engine for your needs. How many people to feed, pond size, date to harvest, etc, etc. Heating domestic hot water can be done every time
you run a gasifier, as the gas must be cooled to efficiently run an internal combustion engine (ICE).
Are you close to running water? There are some water powered impeller driven generators and/or pumps that are moored in the stream current. I’ll find my links to them and post them FYI.
There is a wealth of info here and you have a lot of research to do. You will find many here willing to offer help on ways to go.

I found these which will offer many threads for research. Don’t forget wind as a power source. Gasification, wind, water and solar, 1 or all of these could be integrated at some point.
Some of these are commercial units, but the ideas are the seeds of the DIYer’s world.
Floating generator

Shore mounted pivot arm generator


Harold here is a link to look at

Thank you all for your suggestions. As you are aware, each situation is different… location, weather, number of people to support etc., and each will have to be studied to utilize the best options. I am delighted to have another source and option for power. On the prototype system I have here at home, the first thing I will be installing is a Rocket Mass Heater, using the hydroponic beds as the “mass”. A windmill to pump air and possibly move water will be the second modification, and an electric generator that is powered by wood can be a great back up option. That way batteries can be kept charged between solar on clear days and a wood burner powered generator during the rainy season. I think that this whole integrated system will provide a sure 24/7 power source to keep things moving. There is much to do and research. Again, thanks for your reply’s and support! I look forward to the tremendous amount of knowledge that is shared on this site. Thanks, max