Gettin Started!

I am wondering if propane equipment, fittings, setups etc can be used with wood gas?
I am a total newbie to anything practical or put into a build but i have been studying wood gas and keeeping track of what Wayne Keith has been doing for years.
I am collecting part and pieces for gen set size burner and also more for a small pickup. any info or encouragement would be welcome.
Thanks, Elwin


Making an assumption but it sounds like you want to use Proppian regulators / carburetion with wood gas? If so; it dont work like that, the wood gas is pulled in via engine vacuum and the systems are not pressurized. They work just the opposite and its way simpler than that. You simply create an air tight adapter to fit directly onto the carb face, that you can connect to a hose too. Mix air with the wood gas using a pipe tee. I recommend setting up a small final filter a short distance away to set up the air mixer on its output side and a short hose leading to the engine. This way you keep weight the carb bolts as this extra weight along with engine vibration can work harden the carb bolts and they can shear right off at the block.


As they say pictures are better then ten thousand words.


Welcome to the forum. I kind of missed your topic, sorry for the delayed response. It is like Matt said, the engine intake vacuum powers the system once it is up to running temperature. You just need to provide about a 50% woodgas to air ratio. The devil is in the details, of course. You need to decide if you would rather make charcoal, or cut up wood chunks. Both require a source of dry wood.


Welcome Elwin.

What you can do is use propane as your alternate engine fuel. It eliminates some of the minor problems you may encounter by running wood gas through a gasoline carb. It is often easier to get an engine running and up to temp on regular fuels and then switch to wood gas. My generator runs on propane, gasoline or wood gas. I never use the gasoline anymore. I paid over two hundred dollars for my propane conversion components 11 years ago and got a regulator and a propane carb that looks like a aluminum donut. On you-tube I see many videos of people running engines on propane with a cheap regulator and a hose fed into the air filter box. You can eliminate the gas carb altogether.