Going to look at a Sasmo (Laimet) screw chunker for sale

Any tips at what to look for with this type of chunker? I’ve never seen one in person before. I believe it’s a model from the 80’s. It’s in a remote location so the seller couldn’t give much information. He’s asking $1800. I’m looking at something that can do 1-2 inch chunks as per Ben Peterson’s specs in his book. He said there are some chips on the ground from when it was used I can look at.

What I could come up with so far

  • check screw condition (knicks in blade, etc)
  • screw and drive bearings, does it spin freely
  • maybe the way the screw attaches, in case I can order a different size screw from Laimet to make Keith gassifier sized chunks down the road?

Thanks for any opinions.


For reference look at the chunks that Wayne makes. There are several videos of him making chunks. Also look at the chunks that Jan -Ola Olssen makes in Sweden for a comparison of size. Marcus Norman has some close ups of chunks that he makes.


I THINK you can get the screws refaced, and you might be able to get a replacement screw. I would contact the company to make sure you can get replacement parts for that model and how much they are. I don’t know how much they can wear before they become useless. I don’t think they sell the screw separately, without owning a registered machine. either that or it was like 70% of the cost of a new machine. And I could be wrong on that, I looked at those about 10 years ago.

Personally, the safety features on chippers changed in the US sometime between the 70s and 90s, that would be my first concern because that will slice your arm up in a second. And it would be something I would check. (and maybe it is something you can add, a lot of times it is just making sure an arm can’t reach that far and a shut off bar to knock it out of gear)

Along the lines of your train of thought. I thought those had a reduction gearbox or belt.

and a bent shaft that the screw sits on.

I would also poke around online and see if there is a manual for it, and if not ask the company if they have one.

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Right, I have seen finnish language videos of them resurfacing with what looked to be a angle grinder, and checking for a straight line across the screw. I have contacted the company to confirm if a replacement blade can be ordered. I still can’t find a solid number on what one of these costs new but I’m seeing mentions of 20 to 50 k. I understand it is specialized equipment, but man…

Safety is a good point. This thing could really just suck you in

Forgot to post pics. Also here is a video that I’m pretty sure is the same or similar Sasmo Wood Chipper Screw-Type - YouTube