Good deal on temperature gauges

These are slightly larger than the man law BBQ gauges,And a little extra temp rateing.$3.99

These gauges are slightly egg shaped.i dident notice when buying,here the pic of the gauges.and the box they came in over too right.


Thanks for throwing the link up Kevin .

I just ordered 10 of these with free shipping and a 10% discount :grin:


Thanks Wayne
Bought 4 of them, now don,t have to carry around the thermal scanner
Also nice to know what’s happening through the insulated pre heated air pipe

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These may not be the best quality gauges,though should be good enough for low fuel warning notice at least, I got two of them man law BBQ gauges,and the electronic ones carl uses too compare that all the sensors are in the normal range.

These gauges have a fairly big dash area all most 3" and are larger srceen area then the man law gauges.,havent tryed them yet,they are on the boat.

size of dash area is at the bottom of page area in the pictures, 7.4 cm across screen area.or 2.9".

I just got 10 of the above BBQ temperature gauges out of the mail box. They ended up costing less than 2 bucks each ( not a bad price )


ARE THEM THE ROUND GAUGES OR THE OVAL ONES,IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE THE OVAL ONES IN THE FIRST VIDEO OF YOUR V10 THREAD, hope they hold up as i haven’t tried them out yet,Be good spares any way,and hay filter’s THANKS

Good morning Kevin

The temp gauges I have used in the past have been oval shape. The newest I just received are round . Both types are low quality but very inexpensive . :smiley:

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I sure wish i would have learned wood gas before gas went price crazy, since then i hardly drive anyware more than i have too.

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