Gordo's gasser update

Here’s a vid

Hi Gordon,
That’s a good looking flare. It looks like you’ve made some progress. I’ve got my unit disassembled for some heat shield and heat sink installs to protect the gasket materials. I had some gasket deterioration from the heat. I’ve posted pics of this on My First Small Engine Run. I’m revamping my filter also, but haven’t figured out what that will be yet.
Good luck,

Hello Gordon .

Thanks for the video , looking good :relaxed:

Pepe, Yes, I have been watching your build carefully. We are building similar Imbert design. My semi- WK design worked very well but I don’t think I had enough air suction to bring the heat up for full conversion goal. Plus no pre heat…etc. I just put my adapter ring and a new 3.5" choke inside to see how the burn would go. I did get a little better gas. I only used High Temp Silicone along with the adapter plate so I expect it to be burned up. I may just weld it in there…I don’t know yet. I have a new cooler built but now need funding for my filter. I should have taken pics before I lit it up. I’m sure I have good enough gas for a stationary unit. I 'm not willing yet to hook it up to my car. Take care, Gordon

Thanx Wayne! just a spur of the moment camera phone vid.

Hook it up to an engine and see what she’ll do

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Hi Arvid,
I did hook it up to an old wornout 1600 VW engine. My son said it never sounded so good. I ran it for a while and it pulled air thru the system great. I need to build a final hay filter first…I think I remember you saying you use wool?? Sounds good to me. I have a vid on Youtube channel “Gordon Ooghe” for VW run vid. I’m still recovering from the grin on my face. Gordon

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