Grease filters for tar and ash

I was at Home Depot today and they had a bunch of replacement grease filters on sale for your vent hood over the stove. It got me thinking is anybody using or tried to use one in there hay filter to try and trap more ash and or tar if it got that far? They make a mesh style that might give too much back pressure. Also one that kind of works like an oil bath cleaner, more commercial style. Both are cleanable and reusable. Anybody see side affects?image


My first thoughts on this is, it would lack surface area. That is why hay filters are used. There’s a whole lot of surface area to absorb moisture and charcoal dust.


I worked at a few restaurants years ago. Had to clean the exhaust vent filters like you’re showing. They will catch a fair amount of grease, but not all of it. Might work as a pre-filter to extend the life of filters that require replacing. I don’t know about tar and creosote, but lye does a good job removing fryer grease. Makes it’s own soap.


Good morning Brandon .

For me hay is about as cheap a filter as I can find. I can us it for a year and still feed it to the cows when I change it out :smile:


Here is how to think forward about woodgas “tars”.
They are made up of primarily of still complex chains of Oxygen, Carbons and Hydrogen.

The motor grade fuel gasses we want are CO, H2 and CH4.
So . . . . all tars are unrealized, still potential, motor fuels.
The best evolved woodgasifier systems actually do convert over 95% of the wood tars into motor fuel gasses.
That ~5% partially being made and expelled when the system is in early heating up mode. The best evolved systems, with a knowledgeable operator, minimizing this still too-cold times to just a few minutes.
The other part of that 5% of non-gasified tars becomes heavy asphalt-like third-stage reduced down tars. Best valued and saved for its excellent sealing; water proofing; and preservative capabilities.

Disposable capture, and throw away early stages wood tars?
What a waste. Convert them.


Steve u now that makes quite a it more since, lol. That rogue 5% should get trapped else where w in the system.

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