Greetings from the UK

Name; Neil C.

Location; Worcestershire, England

Experience; (I’m gonna avoid that one for now…)

Greetings all from the wet and cold corner of the UK (wait a minute, it’s all wet and cold right now). I am the small shadow that has been haunting the DOW forums for the past few months. I thought I may as well say hello and show my face, and if I can find a flattering picture of me then I’ll upload an avatar and really show my face!

So why join I hear you ask. Well the answer is simple. My interest in wood gas, no matter how armchair for now have deemed me a bit of a nut to almost everyone I talk to. It seems that in England the concept that an engine can run on anything other that £1.39 a litre petrol is just plain daft. I’m bored of talking to confused looking people and really want to converse with people who don’t reach for the white coat with self hugging arms every time I look at a fallen tree and exclaim “oh look, a self service petrol station”. Also, there may be another English man on here to give proof that I am not alone over here!

Hello Neil! Welcome.

You are not alone! It is truly amazing to look about you and see the fuel lying everywhere, unused.

Welcome Neil,
I agree, people think I’m crazy… yeah, I’m crazy like a fox when they see the WK gasified truck driving past the “petrol” stations!

One strange thing though, I look at campfires a little differently now. I don’t throw pieces on that look like good gasser fuel :o)
All the best, Tim J

Since discovering wood gasification I have looked at wood in a whole new way. Especially so as I have a side line in selling kindling and wood blocks. Now all the scraps have a purpose, not just bonfire fuel.

It’s funny, I had to discover wood gasification. 3 years ago I would have laughed off the idea as fantasy but after searching the web for something else (a Joule Thief to be exact) I found myself on staring at Jim Masons ‘ible’ on how to run your Honda Accord on trash. From then on I think I have bled the internet dry of gasification info and sites, then I found D.O.W.

So here I am…