Grid down test of charcoal powered generator


Hi dan, nice looking system. Might I humbly suggest you start up the system and run the generator under an average load for a few hours. The batteries are a good idea but you will need to charge them in a grid down and maybe run the fridge for a few hours at a time so test out the system with those loads in mind. You will also get a better handle on charcoal consumption which changes under load.
Congrats and best regards
David Baillie


Good luck learnig you new charco runni g generator, you are way ahead of me on that trend, i am still trying too grasp the wood gas leaning curv.Some time soon i would like too build me a charco powered mini bike or moped ride.


Thanks for the comment. I do have other videos of the generator running things. This was just a test to see how long it takes from a cold start to produce burnable charcoal gas.