Hammer mill plans

Anybody seen/heard of/tried this?

The videos show it shredding leaves- I want something to chip up dismantled pallets.

If you want to do grasses and leaves then this thing will work good.
But if you want to do pallets you’er going to need much more power.

I built a 6" hamer mill and it does great with leaves and small chunchs
of cardbourd. but it growns and growns on a 2 x 2 peice of plywood.
It gets the job done; and I love showing it off for the people that
are willing to watch the Magic of my fuel system.

But I made the thing, and I know how inadiquite it is.
It tacks 10 times the energy as it delivers in fuel.
But it impresses the uninformed, and they think it is great.

Only I know how labor intincive this is. They all think it is great.

The truth is, this stough is so labor intincive that it is good only
as a last resort or as an emergency fuel. Unless you have to
drag trees off your roadway everyday; This is a HOBBY.

Treat it as such and you can have a lot of fun doing this.
If you just want to cut your cost then Insolate your home.

Without a forest to harvest, I am just a “want to be” like the rest of us

just my thoughts, Daucie