Having Fun With Small IC Engines

Here a video more-less proving how stupid unobservant folks can be.
He is running this hard down on loose dirt&sand, blocking the underside drawn cooling air.
He is running it with the side cover always off. So it will not suck-in force cooling air around the inverter pac.
Then he is complaining of flashing overload light he now wants to bypass. Overloaded, undercooled, overheating, inverter will want to drop out.
His AC feed cord is undersized for the distance away he has this poor generator going to his high demand wall AC, and that high need-power when brewing, drip coffee maker

So yeah. Don’t blame the generator if you are a dumb-dumb.
Steve unruh


Hey Steve , thanks for finding those video’s it looks almost the same apart from a few items like does not have a pull starter and also are only 240Volt , apart from that they look identical , still not sure of the KW output ,i would have had to guess its higher than the one in the video due to the extreme weight of the thing , today i borrowed a crane truck to pick up the 2nd unit and took it to my friends shed as its too big to maneuver around my place , i shall keep it handy for spares but what a bargain 100 bucks for 2 that’s around $70 US i think .
Cheers “veggie oil” Dave :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey All,
Another interesting small IC engine channel to watch:

Small engines are fun and very, very doable.
Cars are in comparison not fun at all anymore for me. Have not been for decades. Necessities I force myself to do anymore. And always expensive to do.
Electrical generators IC engine driven slot in between these in skills and costs needed nicely IMHO.
Motorcycles you then back up into legal on-roads needs $$$.
I can do five non-road IC engines systems for the cost of one motorcycle.
Steve unruh


Well I finally do have my three basic loaner-out units-in-blue.
The three of these were $911.40 USD total.
That is $100’s less than a single new 2200 Honda or Yamaha inverter unit. So what ever the life would be on the Honda with a now a 121cc engine operating slower RPM, these three higher speed 80cc Chinese units would at least cumulatively match or exceed that.
One neighbor I’d loaned out too then did his due-diligence Net research and ended up ordering his own Bilt Hard 2000/2500 unit. Delivered to him yesterday.
Ha! I’m the spare parts depot now.

The 1/2 the price 1000/1200 watt 2-stroke unit only gives 1/2 the power for the same fuel use. And that 2-stroke fuel will be more expensive with the added consumable engine oil.
Poor, poor value anymore to go that way anymore.

Yeah. Been really really wet here

Dry and warm by the wood stove today and the next few upcoming days.
A different area fellow and his wife visited yesterday for him to see my woodgas systems stocks and variety of generators types. he has the original Mother Earth News woodgas publications. Has a pair of Ben Peterson’s woodgasifers books.
He was actually interested in my Baker Junior water well jack pump. It is rated for a maximum of 170 feet lift. His well is only 50 foot deep. But he must four stage condition and filter his for potable water. Takes power to do that.
Ours well reaches down nearly 200 feet. Then another 100 feet lifting up hill and into the house. Our pumped water is naturally clean and immediately useable. I must make 240 VAC for the deep well pump. At that is the job of the woodgasable 459cc Harbor Freight 9500/7200 unit.
Steve Unruh


I wish I could have fun with small engines. I really want to hook my Miller welder/generator to a water cooled engine but I find I barely have enough energy to get the garden growing and maintained and then the rest of the year and effort goes into processing fire wood. The only way to avoid getting old doesn’t get anything accomplished either. It is what it is. Since we had such a mild winter and I still have a lot of last years fire wood left, maybe I can play with other things.


Steve, I hope you have them tied down ,floating away inverter generators can be a real pain chasing them down the driveway. :grin:


If you didn’t live so far away Tom, I would help you with the firewood so you could play with other things.


Well that makes you way nicer than my sons Johan. Food and clothes and vehicles and no return on investment. Oh well, if they ever came around they would probably want money. When I get that time machine built I’m definitely getting a vasectomy.


Tom, if you opt for the real thing early you may even be able to make a living singing in monasteries :smile:


Hey All
the nice thing about this guy is he is fast-fast doing things in real time

Yep. Yep. I’ve actually had a fair amount of carburetor trouble with the little Honda 2000.
A unit that only flows and mixes at less than 1/10 an hour of gasoline and near anything will clog somehow the carburetor.
And these with an added pulsator fuel pump and then more lines do need a lot more cranking when gone empty. Or any of the fuel lines are cracked open.

Here is another

The truth of it is, once you depend on a small IC engine generators you WILL at some point have to work on the carburetor!
Hey. Far easier than slinging I’s (inputs) and O’s (outputs) for an EFI system. Their electric pumped fuel pressure is a critical Input.
Steve unruh


As a follow-up on the above videos this guy is great so far as showing real-world gitter’done’s.
His is always observing, hands-on feeling, and thinking about how the system got to here is real, effective, and what you want to develop too.
Ha! Three places his wording can be confusing though.
In the second video he says the running problem is it is getting too much air. Needing the choke partially closed to keep it running. Nope. It is not getting enough fuel. Partially closing the choke INCREASES the carburetor internal suction helping tp pull in and mix out more fuel. It is a fuel problem. The then restricted air will result in less power and rpm. Not enough fuel could have also been a clogged in tank outlet filter screen. A sticking, hanging up partially closed inlet needle valve. Some else’s dinking with the floats height adjustment.
He kept saying “bolt” for some else scrounged make-do air cleaner box fixing NUT. That the clue someone else had already been inside!!
After his carb off-cleaning-then back-on; his initial “still-has-the-same-problem” was the inverter logic controller still trying to drive the stepper motor to compensate for the previous condition. A few start-run-stops for it to self-program and find its new way.

Today a new runs not good video resolved with a spark plug change.
The KEY why as he explains is his winter-in-Alaska operating conditions

You: the owner-operator are actually the one in the position to best figure out your problems. Not a repair shop.
The frustration of repair shops is never actually knowing the true operating conditions the machine is giving problems in.
Most of the time I could in-shop get it resolved. but many times I had to venture out onto locations. THAT is expensive.
Perfornce costs. You minimize costs by learning to do it yourself, for yourself.
Computer game, and “research” less; brainiac less . . . and get out getting hands dirty. Break a few things to learn now, for later.

Because then, months later:



Hey Guys, in a time of weather disruptions and others; time to get Real, Now, Today, and do something pro-active with small IC engines.
Watch this one though until at least 9:39 to get the second layer of self-sustaining shown.
Ha! Ha! Plus look at her early jump started growing raise bed plots; not mine. Her brood-raising a new batch of baby chicks, needing reliable brooding heating power.

Bonus points in using small IC engines safety if you did watch her on why you need to be carburetor bowl draining before attempting to start been-sitting-for-months, small IC engines. Before: you either air filter removed; or spray soak with a can of starting accelerant!!
Unlike woodgas Poof’s, with little long term burning fuel involved . . . a gasoline based cough, spit-back-into-your-face, burns HOT and minutes long.

Pretty basic guys. In most of the get-tougher wisdoms like, “Sweat it out now and hurt some; to not bleed so much later.” “Practice harder than you would Play.”
Be yanking on those pull starter ropes now, today.
Find the disappointing must have a good battery systems. Then learn your must-do’s for those too, today, now.

Only a very, very few come through a harsh long scramble after-the-fact event. With coming out the other end much more luck, than skills.

You jabber do-not keyboarders idealizers stay off of this topic. Jabber away clogging up others.

Hey. Happy day-after Mount Saint Helens anniversary Day. Lots of AFTER; active ash-falling scrambling remembered from then. Too-late to even get enough particle masks; engine air filters; windshield wiper blades. And no amount of high capacity magazines and boxes and boxes of squirreled away ammo, were of any help. And we even did get a few months building-up, mountain shakings, and ash burps; pre-warnings. Still all were caught pants-down; head up our asses, looking for polyps for achieving that perfect bowels health.
Screw Perfect.
Pursue good-enough.
Moving on then to the next needing your attentions Life-challenge problem.
Steve unruh


Maybe you never built anything expecting to sell it. Very few know what good workmanship even looks like. They want perfect or you don’t get paid.


Never mind my last. Someone just pead in my weedies. Don’t worry about it.


Today is first day of four weeks vacation :smiley:
Which is the same as four weeks of rain…
The other day i got a free string-trimmer, strimmer, weed-whacker, lots of names on these?
Mostly clean out the fuel tank and lines, starts easy and runs 2 seconds, dies, flooded (actually it dies so fast it even don’t get time to start smoke)

Pulled the cute little “sugar-cube” carb.

And heres the culprit, the metering diaphragm is stiff, hard as bear-shit, at first start it bulged, holding the needle valve open.
Now to find a better diaphragm, always good to have one of them string-trimmers ready (as i don’t have 8 already)

A bonus small engine, this Clinton Chief became a runner yesterday :smiley: