Hello all

Hello to all,Lemak here ,Just recieved my keith Book a couple weeks ago.I’m eager to shake things up here on the forum.As time allows I have many questions and ideas and looking forward to your opinions.and comments.I’m starting with a small size Gasifier to test some of my original ideas etc…I plan on Building the keith based gasifier on a truck after that.Iv’e been studying wood gasification for over 2 years as I collect parts for the build.i live In the Virginia Blueridge mountains outside D.C. If any of you are close to me please let me know,I would like to meet and exchange ideas etc…anyhoo, It’s my pleasure to be here and am eager to get started .

Lee Mcafee

Welcome to the site Lee. I look forward to seeing pictures as you build your unit. It is really a fun hobby/ obsession.

Good morning Lee and welcome to the DOW,

Burning is learning , as my friend Steve Unruh would say .