Hello All,

Hi Everyone. I just joined and wish everyone well. I would like to gasify my emergency generator and my p/u truck. This looks like a good place to start. My p/u has a diesel engine. I hope I can add on to it.
Thanks, and Best Regards

Welcome RichardH.
For small engine info click open the “Forums” tab and look under “Small Engine Users Corner”.

Been lots of diesel engine discussion here already - more cons then pro’s to this. Mostly due to the wider variety of diesel systems out there. Dodge/Cummins has changed thier induction/fuel injection/C/R systems five? times. Ford/IHC/Navistar four times. GM/Chevy the complete engine families four? five? times.
Top of the LH side bar is a “Search” window:
type in “woodgas diesel engines” and numerous topics this has already been discussed on will come up for you to read.

Steve Unruh