Hello from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

Hello, amateurs of drive on wood !

I am very glad you are have such magnificent site!
Look at my wood-fired gas generator car #woodgazifier. Wood gasifier car. УАЗ работает на дровах. - YouTube . Our business is furniture manufacturing. We made all the woodworking machines ourselves, Production of tables and chairs mebel-orfey.ru . Производство столов и стульев mebel-orfey.ru - YouTube . I know how to repair cars, machine tools, various equipment.

Sincerely, Dmitry Azeyev.


Welcome to the forum, Dmitry. Did you make a replica of a WW2 Gasifier? The way it is mounted and it’s evenly cylindrical body tells me it is some sort of Imbert variant.

Does the bunker have a monorator or is it surrounded by the heat of exiting gas?


Hello Cody Edison! I am very glad of your answer. It some sort of Imbert variant. It have surrounded by the heat of exiting gas, no monorator.


Paratrake "Orpheus", takeoff and landing. "Орфей", взлет и посадка. - YouTube Else I and my brother made the flying machine


Your flying machine is neat. Thanks for sharing.


Hello Steve Bowman! We tried to do well for ourselves))


Welcome to the site Dmitry. I enjoyed your wood gas video but i loved your flying machine. If I weren’t so old I’d build one for myself. I think having a parachute built in makes total sense if you are off the ground.


hello dimitry, nice work your gasifier… and also your furniture, you make. i was also furniture maker by profession and enthusiasm…thirty years ago…
you make vegetable garden in your area? or is it too cold?
ciao giorgio from italy


I guess if you are going to risk death you may as well do it in comfort. Being a furniture maker, Dimitry, I thought you could incorporate this in your flying machine business.


Hello Tom. If you don’t want to build a paratrike like my, then I can sell you my device. A spare parachute makes sense if you live in a cultured country and life is expensive. In Russia, life is not worth anything, you can easily be killed.)))


Giorgio. I am glad that you are also a furniture maker! The Russian economy has been fading for a long time, even in 2018 sales were falling and I was preparing for life in the village on self-sufficiency. To do this, I made a truck on firewood. Plums, apples, pears, cherries grow. In the garden we plant potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes ripen only in a greenhouse, onions, dill, parsley, beets, zucchini, pumpkins, garlic, pepper, beans, peas.


Tom, the idea of a flying sofa is good. If you sell them at home, then I will make them for you.))


With all this talk of death and dying, maybe a coffin would be a more appropriate furniture making project.


Perhaps, the coffin is also a commodity.


I don’t think I’ll be buying your machine Dmitry. I’m 75 years old and my wife gets into a panic when I go up on the roof to clean the chimney. Can’t stand the thought of living without me. I took her to a psychiatrist but it didn’t do any good.

I watch a lot of build videos by people in your country. Always impressed. Anyone who builds and creates is a valuable human being. We will enjoy your company.


Thanks for the answer Tom. I wish you and your wife good health and long life together.


Hello, Dmitry! Glad you’re on the DOW now!

I like your UAZ so much that I try to post a link to it wherever possible! If it’s not difficult for you, then allow viewing this video on other sites.

For example, now I’m filling my community on the VK social network about an 11KW MiniCHP on firewood, and I can’t add your UAZ to the section with videos. But UAZ, among other things, is a very convenient way of directly harvesting fuel in the forest. If it is equipped with the withdraw of electrical power for an electric saw. To forget about gasoline forever.

With respect. Marat Lysenko.


Hello, Dima!

We were talking about electrofilters. Here is a link to a topic with the experience of other people and the simplest electrical circuit. But it will get clogged up very quickly. Kolya Oxenyuk found out this a long time ago. Therefore, I will make a paired electrofilter with self-cleaning on the go. But the circuit will be more complicated, with sensors, a microcontroller and four gas valves on servos.

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Water will keep it clear. I follow one or two guys on YT. The link is in the drizzle threat. It seem to work quite well. Good cooling of the gases and no sticking. Perfect for stationary and maybe a car also.

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